Osteoarthritis is the progressive disorder of joint growth due to loss of healthy cartilage. The cartilage is the source of proper and painless movement between joints, and it is important not to wear it out by keeping it healthy with proper nutrition that will keep it well lubricated.

Osteoarthritis relief can come in different forms. Others take medicines prescribed by doctors, go into exercise and diet, while many use ointments to ease the pain. However, it is still advisable to talk to your doctor about it so he or she can suggest solution or treatment for osteoarthritis relief.

Most osteoarthritis sufferers swear by these practices for their osteoarthritis relief:

• Regular exercise
Aside from helping you have a fantastic figure; regular exercise can provide you with great osteoarthritis relief. It keeps your joints moving thus enabling the nutrients to set in as well as keeping the cartilage healthy. Getting minimal exercise eliminates motion causing the surrounding area to weaken.

Your diet is one of the factors that affect the frequency of the pain you may experience when osteoarthritis attacks. Certain foods that can trigger the pain should be avoided if you are after osteoarthritis relief. Avoid refined and processed foods and get more fruits and vegetable on your diet. Go for foods rich in calcium like milk and drink plenty of water everyday.

• Avoid strain
Straining your joint can trigger the pain. If you suspect that the work to be done is going to strain your joints, find an alternative to do it. If the cartilage in your joint as well as the surrounding area is weakening, take it easy and avoid straining it by lifting heavy objects.

• Warm treatment
Deep heat treatment will also provide osteoarthritis relief and comfort. If the pain is unbearable, you can first resort to this kind of treatment to ease the pain.

• Physical therapy
Physical therapy is another osteoarthritis relief. It is not an actual home remedy but if you can see your therapist on a regular basis, chances are he or she will help you understand the importance of movement and good posture as well as giving you therapy to boost joint cartilage lubrication.

• Medication
For instant osteoarthritis relief, you can take prescribed medicines given by your doctor. Do not take more than what they prescribed no matter how bad the pain is. Overdosing can also affect and trigger the pain. Take your medicines with you especially when you travel since you can’t tell exactly when you’ll need osteoarthritis relief.

Osteoarthritis is common among older people and it is usually felt during the cold season. However, the younger generation can also develop this ailment especially if they don’t have balanced meals and regular exercise. Pain caused by osteoporosis can be very severe, it can actually prevent you from doing your daily activities, and some even stay in bed because they can’t walk. If you are suffering from mild osteoarthritis, it is better to visit your doctor for immediate treatment.

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