A layman would probably refer to it as, 'some kind of infection in the mouth' while the formal term for it is 'oral thrush', which is actually a yeast infection affecting the inner cheeks, inner lips, the tongue, and sometimes the gums. It is most common in infants, with young kids also having a high chance of suffering from it. Adults mostly have some other medical condition, such as diabetes, which may be the reason behind the development of Oral Thrush.

There are plenty of causes for Oral Thrush. Newborn babies often develop it within 10 days of birth, and may get infected from the mother's nipple area while breastfeeding. Young kids might develop it because of poor oral hygiene. Adults often develop it because of smoking, over usage of oral antibiotics or birth control pills, dentures etc. Those suffering from asthma and using inhalers must take care, as using the inhaler the wrong way can leave certain medication in the mouth, which can lead to the development of Oral Thrush.

What is good, however, is that there are some simple home remedies for oral thrush, which can be followed to get over the problem soon. The most basic of them is to take care of one's oral hygiene. It is extremely important to brush one's teeth twice a day, and rinse the mouth after every meal. Flossing and using tongue cleaners to keep the tongue and the insides of the cheeks clean is also very important. If you are already suffering from the infection, then make sure that you change your toothbrush frequently for better hygiene, as the infection is contagious. For obvious reasons, kissing should be avoided when a person is suffering from this infection.

An anti-fungal rinse can be prepared at home very easily, by mixing a little salt and cider vinegar in warm water. This rinse should be used to clean the mouth at least twice a day. Make sure that you follow good rinsing techniques to make the solution reach every corner of the mouth. This is one of the simplest home remedies for oral thrush, and will definitely help in reducing further growth of the yeast. A solution made of salt and water should also be used regularly to gargle, so that the throat also remains clean.

Consumption of sugary and sweet foods must be stopped immediately. This is mainly because the yeast survives on sugar. Also fermented foods and drinks such as wine, bread, beer etc. should be avoided to ensure that the yeast does not grow any further.

Another one of the easiest and cheapest home remedies for oral thrush is to swish some coconut oil in the mouth on a regular basis. It will help in reducing the infection. Breastfeeding mothers can also apply this on their nipples to avoid spreading the infection to their babies.

Baking soda mixed in warm water can be used as a good cleaning agent. One must dip a cotton ball in it, and use it to clean the insides of the mouth, to stop the infection from developing more.

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