Oily or greasy hair could be a nightmare for many of us. In addition, it a common conception that greasy hair is due to oily scalp. But, this problem occurs due to secretion of too much oil in the scalp which might be due excessive dry scalp, and this excessive production of oil causes greasy hair which can be treated efficaciously with home remedies. Moreover, the problematic condition of too much oil is a big issue around the world; especially the women are more concerned about this problem. Furthermore, when you wash your hairs, you love them because they are really nice and clean, but after 2 hours of shampooing, they again look dull and lifeless. However, many people around the world have experienced the miraculous power of home remedies for oily hair, and you may also find these remedies very helpful.

Generally, there are two types of greasy hair. Moreover, the greasy scalp along with greasy hair from root to top is the first greasy hair type. And, presence of oil in root and scalp but, dry hair from root to the top of the hair is another greasy hair type. In addition, there are many causes for occurrence of this problem. Firstly, genetic predisposition is the prime cause of this hair type. Secondly, usage of improper care products is also considered as a prime reason for presence of too much oil in hairs. Thirdly, careless attitude towards regular cleansing is also a reason for this problem. But, home remedies for oily hair helps you to balance the oil in your hairs.

Furthermore, in most of the cases it is found that instead of genetic disposition the prime reason for greasy hair is usage of improper products, or irregular cleansing. Also, this careless attitude towards hair care may lead to many problems, for example hair fall, or even worse, baldness. In deed, there are many home remedies for oily hair, but only effective remedies are mentioned ahead to nourish the hairs which may prevent excess oil.

1. Add one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar in 2 liters of water. Rinse your hairs with this mixture to prevent nasty shampoo buildup. Wash your hairs with warm water after using this remedy.

2. Tanic acid in tea helps to cut the excess oil. Rinse it with diluted tea.

3. Mix juice of 1 lemon in 1 cup of water. Thoroughly rinse it with this mixture, and then wash them with warm water.

4. After shampooing and conditioning, apply diluted mixture of witch hazel on scalp with cotton swabs. This is one of the most effective home remedies for oily hair.

There are some tips which may help the home remedies for oily hair to solve the problem quickly. Firstly, to prevent these problems, it is quite essential to cleanse hairs regularly. Secondly, it is very necessary to choose beauty products wisely. Moreover, poor choice of product will lead to many hair problems, including greasy hairs. Thirdly, massage your hairs while shampooing will help you to squeeze out excess oil from hairs. In conclusion, when mentioned tips will be paired with home remedies for oily hair, it will lead you towards healthy and hazel free hairs.

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