Fundamentally, neuralgia is a disorder of, a nerve, or group of nerves. Moreover, the patient has to face severe pain in the nerves, and the pain is often very sharp and shooting. In addition, in severe cases, this disorder may cause so excruciating pain that it steals away the quality of the patient's life. In such disturbing conditions, the home remedies for neuralgia may prove to be useful in leading a normal life. Furthermore, this painful disorder may affect anyone, but elderly peoples and women are more prone to this disorder; and fortunately home remedies for neuralgia are equally effective on everyone. Additionally, in some cases it is found that the cause of this disease was multiple sclerosis, which may damage the nerve, causing pain. So, the general practitioner may ask your family history while diagnosis. However, many cases of neuralgia have been treated effectually with the help of home remedies for neuralgia.

The prime cause of this disorder is weakness of nerves. Although, this disorder often goes undiagnosed, which is very pitiful because in later stages, it may lead the patient towards recurrent attacks of agonizing pain. The home remedies for neuralgia may relieve from the torturous pain caused in the later stages of this disorder. Furthermore, when we reach our senior years, the nerves of our body also weakens along with other parts of the body. And, the weakened nerves get over-sensitive creating ectopic signals (a nerve irritation), due to this, the cross signals between our nerves and central receptor becomes damaged, and this disorder grasps us.

Our body will show many symptoms to tell us about presence of this problem, and severity of the disorder. Firstly, pain may be found in the same location along the path of a particular nerve. Secondly, the doctor might also ask about the type of pain you suffer from, for example pain may be sharp, stabbing or burning. Thirdly, another symptom is sensitivity of the affected area. Moreover, the affected area might become over-sensitive, or it may become under-sensitive. Fourthly, weakness in the muscles may damage the motor nerve, which is also a prime symptom of this disorder. Others include, movement might be painful, and pressure or even touch to the affected area may cause severe pain. However, there are many home remedies for neuralgia, but few effective remedies are mentioned ahead for quick results.

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of chamomile, and 1 tablespoon of elderberries. Have this mixture once daily.

2. Dilute the ginger oil by mixing it with eucalyptus oil. Gently massage the affected area with this mixture.

3. Prepare the paste of a sage, and mix it with the paste of mustard. Plaster this mixture over affected area.

4. Prepare a lotion by mixing rose water with white vinegar. Apply the lotion on pain affected areas to relieve pain effectually.

5. This is one of the most effective home remedies for neuralgia. Regularly drink tea of wood betony. It works as nerve tonic.

6. Mix half cup of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water. Apply this mixture on the affected areas with the help of cotton swabs.

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