Lumbago, or commonly recognized as lower back pain or backache, which affects nearly 80 percent of world population at some point in their lives. In addition, it is a musculoskeletal disorder in which the muscles of the lower back get cramped causing pain in the affected area. Moreover, the pain is usually acute or semi-acute, but in severe cases, the patient may also suffer from chronic pain. However, lower back pain mostly gets resolved itself within few weeks. Meanwhile, the home remedies for lumbago may prove to be useful in relieving pain.

The most common symptom of backache is pain in the lower portion of the back. However, the symptoms of pain may be different in every person. But, the home remedies for lumbago have helped many people with different symptoms by providing relief in pain. Moreover, the pain might spread affecting nearby areas, or it may be getting concentrated to any particular region of lower back. Also, the pain might be continues, or some may face recurrent attacks of pain. And, a person may suffer from pain while performing particular actions, for instance rising from sitting position. In addition, nausea, pain in neck, and stiffness in the spinal region may also occur due to severe lower back pain. The home remedies for lumbago may prove to be helpful in reducing the symptoms of this painful disorder.

The most usual reason for backache is strenuous physical activities, for instance excessive work beyond physical abilities may cause backache. The home remedies for lumbago will relieve the muscle spasms effectually. In addition, poor muscular structure is also another reason for backache. Also, previous injuries in spinal cord may lead to lower back pain. Moreover, the improper posture, or sedentary lifestyle may also lead to this painful condition. Furthermore, the improper functioning of kidneys may result in the painful lower back. Others include unequal leg length, and ruptured intervertebral disc of lower back. However, the home remedies for lumbago are found to very effective in most of the cases, but diagnosis of recurrent backaches is recommended. There are many homemade remedies for this disorder, but some most effective home remedies for lumbago are mentioned ahead.

1. Boil 60 grams of wheat in water, and leave it overnight. Next morning, add 30 grams of cuscus grass and 30 grams of coriander in it, and boil the mixture again for 10 minutes. Later add this mixture in 250 ml of milk, and boil again until two-third of the solution is left. Have this mixture regularly.

2. Cook few garlic cloves in 60 ml of mustard oil till garlic turns brown. When the mixture cool down, massage the affected area with this mixture thrice daily.

3. Massage the affected areas with few drops of eucalyptus oil.

4. Add 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm drinking water. Have this mixture in an empty stomach in the morning.

5. Increase intakes of fruits that are rich in vitamin C, for example citrus fruits, or tomatoes are rich source of vitamin C. The vitamin C is well known for relieving the muscle spasms effectively.

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