"Health is wealth". The adage is as true as ever. While it is important to have a healthy body, free of all ailments, it is not necessary to burn a hole in one's pocket by paying for professional advice and expensive antibiotics. There are many simple and inexpensive home remedies for illness.

The kitchen is the first place where one can find common vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices etc. that are safely and effectively used for minor illnesses without any side effects. Many common ailments like flu, cough, diarrhea or headache can be treated without the help of a medical practitioner or a prescription.

Home remedies for illness, say for instance cold, begins with mixing the juice of one lemon in warm water and adding a little honey to it. This can be taken 1-2 times a day. Ginger soup is another effective way of beating the cold, as this opens up the blocked respiratory passages.

Rubbing coconut oil into scalp everyday helps reduce baldness, treating flaky scalps, and other scalp related problems.

Acne is something that causes anxiety to the teenagers. The treatment is to soak one cupful of brown rice overnight and grind it into a paste. The juice of a lemon can be added to it and the paste can be applied on the face. The paste can also be stored and refrigerated, and can be applied for several days thereafter to give amazing results.

Regular consumption of yogurt is very important for fighting against most allergies and illnesses. This is actually true with milk and all milk related products.

A little lemon juice can be added to warm water and consumed for easy bowel movement and reducing constipation. Drinking radish juice also helps to reduce constipation.

Aloe Vera extract helps to reduce wrinkles and anti-aging, and is also good for treating many kinds of skin related problems.

Home remedies for illness like migraine are also very simple. A few elderberries can be mashed and boiled in a pan. The juice can then be sweetened and consumed. This is a very effective home remedy for all kinds of migraines and headaches. Also, equal parts of vinegar and water can be boiled. The steam can then be inhaled to reduce headaches. At times, warm air from the hair dryer can also be used for relaxing the nerves during headaches.

In this age of faulty eating and stressful lifestyle, hypertension is but natural, which can lead to heart attacks. The easiest home remedy to prevent this is to start consuming 2-3 cloves of garlic everyday or a few garlic tablets as a substitute. The seeds of watermelon too can be dried and roasted to reduce hypertension and related problems.

Heartburn can be very annoying with a feeling of pain in the chest and a sensation of food coming into the mouth along with occasional burps. This can be handled best by eating a sliced raw potato, although it may not taste good. Yet this is the cheapest and the safest way to get relief. Taking turmeric capsules everyday is also a good idea. Smoking should strictly be prohibited when one is suffering from heartburn.

Taking a balanced diet and following a regular exercise routine can avert many common illnesses. It is probably the simplest of all home remedies for illness.

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