Herpes is a disease, caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV. The first one is called HSV1 or Oral Herpes, and can spread with saliva, and appears like sores around the mouth. Kissing, or sharing a glass or mug of the infected person for drinking something, may cause this. Sharing a cigarette can also prove fatal, as it could also pass on herpes. The second kind is HSV2, which appears like blisters on the genitals. These are caused due to sexual contact and are seen in people who are sexually active with many partners. Herpes being contagious can be passed on by oral or vaginal sex.

Herpes should not be ignored and must be treated immediately. There are some easy and simple home remedies for Herpes that can lessen the pain and irritation, and give relief over time.

The simplest thing would be to wear loose fitting cotton clothes to keep the area dry and prevent moisture due to sweating, which aggravates irritation.

It is very important to clean the area with an antiseptic soap and leave it to dry naturally, or dry it quickly under a fan or a hair dryer, as moisture causes the bacteria to multiply.

Tealeaves contain tannins, which are anti-inflammatory. A wet tea bag can be kept in a freezer for a few hours, and can then be placed on the infected area to provide relief from irritation and reduce infection overtime. An ordinary tea bag, which has been used for preparing tea, can also be left to cool in normal temperature, and can then be used to place on the Herpes infected area to get relief.

Ice can be wrapped in a towel, and the towel can then be placed on the infected area to ease the burning sensation. This is perhaps the most economical of all home remedies for Herpes.

Strangely, the ocean water has all the necessary salts for healing Herpes. So a swim in the ocean could heal the infected area, and can provide quick relief.

Manuka honey that is collected by bees in New Zealand from the Manuka pollen contains antibacterial properties. This can be easily purchased in the market. Applying this honey over the infected area proves to be very effective.

Domeboro powder is readily available over the counters. This can be mixed with water to form a paste and then be applied on the infected area to give relief from soreness.

Aloe Vera is used for treating almost every skin ailment. Aloe Vera chunks can be refrigerated and placed on the itching area to give relief. The Aloe Vera plant can also be peeled, and the inside of it can be added to cranberry juice and consumed to provide quicker relief.

Vitamin E or Jojoba oil too can be applied to ease the redness and the inflammation.

Epson salt can be added to water in the bathtub, and immersing oneself in it for 25-30 minutes provides great relief.

It is very important to drink plenty of water, as this dilutes the urine and causes less pain on the sores while passing it out.

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