The patient of gout has to suffer from recurrent pain, and inflammation of joints, but it can be treated effectually with the help of home remedies for gout. Also, in this chronic disease a person has to face acute attacks of distressing pain. In addition, the men are more prone to this condition. But, it is also common in menopausal women, and people who indulge in over consumption of alcohol. In addition, gout is a type of arthritis, and may require immediate treatment. And, home remedies for gout can provide immediate relief from pain occurred due to this disease.

There are many causes for development of this painful disease in our body. Firstly, the most primary cause for occurrence of this disease is hyperuricemia. Moreover, increase in level of uric acid in blood is medically recognized as hyperuricemia, and 10 percent of people suffering from hyperuricemia develop gout in their lifetime. The home remedies for gout will help the body to secret the excess urea, and normalize the level of uric acid in blood. Secondly, unhealthy lifestyle is another cause, and it has also increased the frequency of this disease.

Moreover, nearly 12 percent of people who are careless about their lifestyle have to suffer from the pain of this irksome disease. Thirdly, this pain-giving disease is partly genetic, which contributes to about 60 percent of variability in level of uric acid. As mentioned before, the home remedies for gout may help to normalize the uric acid levels, and thus it decreases the risk of development of arthritis due to genetic reasons. Fourthly, certain medications may cause this disease, for instance diuretics. Furthermore, it is considered that niacin, aspirin and immunosuppressive drugs also increases the risk of developing this type of arthritis.

The prime symptom of this disease is red, tender, swollen joint, and recurrent pain. In addition, this disease usually attacks the toe, but it may also affect other joints of body, for example wrist. Moreover, this disease is likely to attack at night when body temperature is low. Also, the patient may suffer from fever, and loss of appetite. Furthermore, in severe cases the kidney dysfunction may be caused, due to presence of kidney stones made of uric acid crystals. Although, there are many home remedies for gout, but only few most effective remedies are mentioned ahead.

1. Have 150 ml juice of French beans every day. Include the juice in your breakfast.

2. Eat an apple after meals. The active ingredients in apple will decrease the uric acid levels.

3. Mix equal parts of whole wheat powder and mustard powder. Add water to form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas, and leave it overnight. It will relieve the pain.

4. Mix one-third cup of ground ginger in water. Soak your feet in it for 30 minutes. It will reduce the level of uric acid in toes through sweating. Thoroughly wash your legs as ginger may cause skin irritation.

5. In an old basin, mix half cup of charcoal powder in water to form a paste. Dip your affected foot in it, and add water until the foot is completely enclosed. Steep your foot in it for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. This is one of the most effective home remedies for gout in foot.

6. Herbal remedies such as Rumatone Gold capsule and oil can be effectively used in treating gout and its symptoms.

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