Frozen shoulder is a very irritating condition in which our shoulder joint loses its tendency of free movement. This condition is clinically known as adhesive capsulitis. Moreover, the stiffness in shoulder occurs when the connective tissue surrounding the shoulder becomes inflamed and rigid causing chronic pain. The home remedies for frozen shoulder may retain the flexibility of connective tissues of the joint.

This disabling condition is very frustrating for the patients, due to its very slow recovery. In addition, severely restricted movement of shoulder may make simplest task impossible. Also, the pain is usually constant, and worsen at night especially when the weather is cold. The home remedies for frozen shoulder may prevent the patient from unbearable pain.

The exact cause for this condition is still unknown. But, it may occur when shoulder joint suffers from injury or trauma. Also, it is believed that it may occur due to autoimmune functioning, in which the body attacks the healthy tissues of joints. In addition, the lack of fluid in the joint may also restrict its movement. The home remedies for frozen shoulder are found to be effective in most of the cases of this frustrating condition.

The people suffering from diabetes, lung disease, arthritis, stroke, or heart disease are more prone to this pain-giving condition. Also, surgery in arm or injury may also tighten the joint. In addition, the shoulder may stiffen due to some adverse effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy.

The prime symptom of adhesive capsulitis is tight and stiff joint restricting simple movements, for instance raising your arm becomes impossible. Also, the pain in the shoulder is likely to worsen at night, and the pain due to this disease is mostly dull or aching. Moreover, the pain in joints may also worsen when you attempt for movement. In addition, the pain may be debilitating if joint is bumped. The home remedies for frozen shoulder is very effective in relieving the pain.

Amongst many remedies, few effective home remedies for frozen shoulder are mention ahead.

1. Before indulging in exercises, apply a heat pack to the affected shoulder for 20 minutes. In addition, applying heat is very helpful in relieving pain. According to recent studies application of heat not only relieves pain but also it may improve stiffness of joints.

2. The exercises that stretch the arm are one of the most effective home remedies for frozen shoulder. The exercises should be performed twice daily for quick treatment, but don't overdo it. Stretch the arm above the head as possible, and hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

3. Cross your arm along the front of the body, and press the affected arm against the chest with the help of other arm. Use this remedy for 30 seconds twice daily. Regular use of this remedy will prevent further stiffness, and it may also improve the range of motion.

4. Stand 2 feet away from table with legs more than shoulder width apart. Lean forward, and place the hand of your healthy arm on the corner of table, and let the affected arm hanging down. Without swinging the affected arm, gently rotate your hips. Let the affected arm rotate along with the rotating hips. Hips are to be rotated 20 times. Repeat the rotation in opposite direction. Do not overdo this exercise.

5. Gentle massage with herbal oils such as Rumoxil or Rumatone Gold oil works exceptionally well in easing frozen shoulder discomfort and stiffness.

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