Children are more prone to ear infections, particularly in the first years of life. Sometimes, adults can also get ear infection due to the infected euchastian tube. There are mainly three types of ear infection, external ear infection or otitis externa, middle ear infection or otitis media, and inner infection or otitis interna. Otitis externa, also known as Swimmer's ear typically occurs in children and swimmers. The symptoms of this type of infection in ear are the pain caused by touching or pulling the ear, outer ear redness, itching, drainage from the ear, and hearing loss.

Middle ear infection is the most commonly occurring type of infection in ear among children. It is very often associated with acute earache, fever, minor loss of hearing, and flu-like symptoms, including loss of appetite, fever, and difficulty sleeping. It is mostly treated with courses of antibiotic medications. However, home remedies for ear infection can also be used to relieve the earache and other symptoms caused by infection. There are certain steps that you can take to reduce the occurrence of infection in ear in children.

Putting a baby to bed with a milk or juice bottle is one of the main factors that cause infection and so never allow your baby to sleep with a bottle in his or her mouth. Studies have revealed that exposure to smoking can trigger an infection in ear. Try not to expose your baby to smoking or second-hand smoke. Wash your hands before handling the baby to avoid the spread of germs. It is also highly recommended not to put any objects into the ears to clean or dry them. Wear ear plugs while swimming. If you baby has symptoms of infection, you can use home remedies for infection to ease the pain and to reduce the infection.

An effective way to alleviate the pain caused by infection in ear is to place a bottle of warm water over the affected ear. Make sure that the bottle is not too hot. Otherwise, take a clean cotton socks, fill it with one cup of salt or rice, and warm it. Then, apply the socks to the external part of the ear to get rid of the pain. This is one of the most widely used home remedies for ear infection. Onion has been proven to be efficacious in reducing the pain and inflammation associated with infection in ear. Cut an onion into two halves and wrap an onion half in a washcloth. Warm the onion in an oven for about one minute and then place it on the painful ear. Keep the onion on your ear for at least 20 minutes

Ear massage is regarded to be one of the best home remedies for ear infection. Gently massage the junction where your ear meets the face in circular motions. Applying a cold pack to the painful ear for twenty minutes can be useful to decrease pain. Another method to reduce earache and ear pressure is to chew gum. Consult a doctor if the symptoms become worse or do not improve.

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