The primary role of hair is to protect the head and scalp. However, there is no doubt that it has an important role in determining the beauty and personality of an individual. There is no doubt that dry hair can make you look untidy and weird. Some people are born with dryness, but there are a lot of people who have dry hair due to some external factors, such as over shampooing of the hair, too much blow drying, excess use of curling iron, and overexposure to the sun, wind, chlorine in swimming pools, and to the large amounts of mineral content in water supplies,.

The other reasons that can make your hair dry and coarse include using shampoos that contain harsh elements, perms, and dyes. It has been seen that certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, cancer treatment, and deficiency of nutrients can also cause dry hair. The symptoms of this kind of hair include rough texture, split ends, dullness, and absence of shine. Fortunately, dryness in hair can be successfully treated with the help of home remedies for dryness in hair and by following certain dry hair care tips.

Avoid shampooing your hair everyday. Use only a mild shampoo to clean your hair and apply a good conditioner after shampooing. It is also better not to use dyes, bleaches, and silicone-based shampoos. You must also refrain from excessive blow drying of your hair and unnecessary use of curling iron. Also, never try to comb or brush your wet hair. Wear a hat when you go out to protect you from direct sunlight. Likewise, put on a swimming cap to cover your hair when you swim in swimming pools or in salt water. Remember that nutritional deficiency is one of the main causes of dryness in hair and so eat a healthy and well-balanced nutritious diet. You should also use some home remedies for dry hair to make your hair lively and shine.

Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one teaspoon of vinegar and three eggs. Apply this blend to your hair. Allow it to remain there for at least half an hour and then shampoo the hair. Egg is extensively regarded as one of the most effective home remedies for dry hair. Eggs provide the hair with essential vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins and are helpful to make strong, lusty, and glossy. A further method to use egg for dry hair is to whip an egg and add one tablespoon of water to it. Massage your scalp with this mixture for sometime, then wash it off.

Massaging the scalp and hair with a warm oil is also good for your dry hair. You can use sweet almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil to massage your hair. Banana and avocado are two other very effective natural hair conditioners and are widely used as home remedies. Blend one banana with one avocado and two tablespoons of olive oil. After shampooing the hair, rub this mixture on the hair. Wash the hair after fifteen minutes.

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