Obviously, there are lots of people who are hesitant to wear comfortable sleeveless dresses and to raise their hands in public due to their dark underarms. This condition can be because of a number of reasons, including removal of hair with a razor, wearing tight clothes, poor hygiene and the subsequent accumulation of dead cells, and a hypersensitivity reaction to the ingredients contained in a deodorant or in a perfume. Some underlying medical condition like obesity, diabetes, bacterial infection, excessive sweating, and acanthosis nigricans can also cause darkening of underarms.

Even if you have darkened underarms, there is no need to worry as it can be lightened or reduced by adopting certain lifestyle changes and/or by applying some effective home remedies for dark underarms. In order to get rid of dark underarms, the first thing you should do is to realize the factor that causes the discoloration of underarms. If your dark underarms are due to the skin irritation caused by wearing tight-fitting or rough synthetic clothes, try to wear only loose or not-so-tight dresses. It is also advisable to use clothes that are made from cotton or any other skin-friendly material like linen.

Switch to another brand of deodorant to see if it helps. Avoid alcohol-containing deodorants and perfumes as they may cause darkening of the skin. Likewise, instead of shaving your underarm, try some other safe hair removal methods like laser hair removal. It is also very important to maintain good underarm hygiene to avoid the darkening of armpits. Scrub or exfoliate your underarms regularly to prevent the buildup of dead cells in the area. After taking bath, sprinkle some talcum powder under your arms. If you also suffer from underarm itching and odor, use an antibacterial powder. There are a lot of home remedies for dark underarms that you can use for the dark areas under your arms.

To bleach the darkened area, put baking soda on your underarms after taking shower and drying. Lemon, a strong natural bleaching agent, is one among the best home remedies for dark underarms. Apply lemon juice directly to the underarms using a cotton ball. Otherwise, rub a slice of lemon on the darkened area. Another way to use lemon for bleaching underarm skin is to squeeze the juice out of a lemon, mix it with honey, and rub it on the affected areas. Application of a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice along with turmeric may treat the dark underarms. After applying this mixture, you have to leave it on there for at least twenty minutes.

Mix lemon juice with apple juice or white grape juice and apply the mixture to the dark skin under the arms. Another way to lighten the dark underarm is to put apple cider vinegar to the areas daily. D not wash it off. Potato and cucumber are also good natural bleachers and are widely used as home remedies for dark underarms. Cut a potato or cucumber into two slices and place a slice on the underarm for a while.

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