Chapped lip is a condition that arises when lips become ridden of moisture or turn dry. This happens when the body stops producing or produces in very less amounts, the natural layer of oil that coats lips and keeps them hydrated. This condition turns severe during winter months, when the weather is extremely cold and the air is dry enough to absorb the moisture from lips. Excessive licking habits also cause chapped lips by removing the natural oil film from the lips.

Further, an allergic reaction to certain cosmetics, excessive sun exposure, infections, dehydration, smoking, drugs, medical conditions like Kawasaki disease, macrocytosis, Sjogren's syndrome, riboflavin deficiency, deficiencies of Vitamin A,B and C, ill-fitting dentures, use of flavored toothpastes and mouthwash etc may lead to this problem. It is also known as cracked lip condition. It become red, rough and swollen. Small cracks develop and skin peeling occurs on the lips. Stretching of lips may widen the cracks and may cause bleeding and much pain. Therefore the person with chapped lips finds it difficult to talk or smile.

Home Remedies

1. Honey application on affected area could be helpful. Honey has anti-bacterial properties. It bars infection and soothes and cures this problem.

2. Application of Aloe Vera gel or juice on affected area is a proven and very useful remedy for chapped lips.

3. Application of cocoa butter nourishes and hydrates lips.

4. Rubbing cucumber slices on affected area produces rewarding results. It eases pain and discomfort caused by chapped lips

5. Application of margosa leaf extracts on affected area destroys germs and quickens healing.

6. Mix milk cream, lime juice and rose water. Massage chapped lips with the mixture. This sufficiently moisturizes and mends chapped lip condition.

7. Mix wheat germ oil or Vitamin E oil and glycerin and coat lips with it. This checks the loss of moisture from lips.

8. Application of a paste of mashed papaya on affected area. Keep for 10 minutes and rinse off. This heals chapped lips and seals in the moisture.

9. Apply a film of zinc oxide ointment on affected area to get rid of lips cracking.

10. Mix rose petals and milk apply on lips. This nourishes, hydrates lips and keeps them soft and pink.

11. Petroleum jelly may be applied on lips to keep them soft and supple by alleviating dryness.

12. Application avocado pulp on lips prevents chapping. Avocado is an extremely oily fruit. It helps in restoring the natural oil balance in the lips. This is an effective home remedy for chapped lips.

13. Application clarified butter on lips could also be quite helpful. It acts as a moisture lock and prevents chapping.

14. Drink plenty of water to keep lips, body and skin hydrated.

15. Vitamin deficiency is one of the causes of chapped lips. Prepare a vitamin rich drink by mixing 1 tablespoon watercress, 1 ounces each of carrot and spinach juices, 2 tablespoon wheat germ oil, 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast and a glass of tomato juice. Drink daily to avoid this problem.

16. Softly scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush to exfoliate lips or remove the deposits of dead cells that cause further cracking and flaking.

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