Bruises are injuries that appear anywhere on the surface of the skin due to accidental bumping or falling. The capillaries get damaged and blood comes out or gets accumulated near the bruised area. The layer under the skin and next to the blood vessels gets damaged, and the color of the skin is initially red, but gradually changes to brown or black or yellowish green, and one experiences great pain.

In most cases, the bruises are not severe and heal naturally in healthy individuals within 2-3 weeks. It takes longer for the bruises on the legs to heal than those on the arms. Children tend to bruise themselves very often as they indulge in a lot of physical activities. Elders too can tend to get bruised easily, as they may lose balance due to advanced age and have an accidental fall. Their skin becomes thin with passage of time and bruises appear more prominently, and also take longer to heal. Boxers often get bruised while boxing. Players of hockey and soccer, or weightlifters also get bruised while playing and weightlifting. Physical violence is also a reason for bruising.

Luckily, most bruises can be treated at home. The first and the easiest of all home remedies for bruising would be to apply ice packs on the bruised area. This reduces the swelling, and the black and blue marks.

One of the simplest home remedies for bruises would be to mix cayenne pepper with Vaseline in the ratio 1:5. This can be applied over the bruises for relieving the pain.

Vitamin C helps in thickening the blood, and consumption of vitamin tablets can help the bruises to heal quickly. Vitamin K or alfalfa especially helps in blood clotting, so it can be taken in the form of tablets. A salad with a combination of lettuce, broccoli and spinach is also rich in Vitamin K. This is sure to make the blood vessels stronger.

Arnica is a wonderful and economical homeopathic cream that can be applied on the bruised area. This increases the blood circulation, and the bruises and scars gradually start to disappear. If the bruise is small, some saliva can be immediately applied on it.

Comfrey plant has great medicinal properties. Its leaves can also be placed on the bruised or sprained area, and plastered on it. These fresh leaves can be changed everyday for faster results.

The common vegetable, cabbage, which has anti-inflammatory properties can be tied with the help of gauze bandage over the affected area, and can be changed everyday to give amazing results.

Witch Hazel astringent drops can be added to the bath water, as it is very soothing for the pain. For the marks to disappear quickly, crushed parsley can be applied on the bruises.

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It can either be applied externally or lemon juice can be taken to heal the body internally for reducing the pain.

One of the age-old home remedies for bruises has been to take warm milk mixed with turmeric. This immediately reduces the pain.

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