Getting more traffic to your website is always on a business owner’s mind. Higher volume traffic helps with list building and improves your chances for finding new clients and filling your pipeline. But once you start to get a steady stream of visitors, what’s the best way to build your list?

Some business owners want people to see their home page first. This is where people learn about what you do and everything you offer from services to products. While this might seem like the best place for visitors to stop first, it’s really not a good online marketing strategy. The biggest reason is that your home page has too many options for a new visitor to digest. This often causes confusion, and a confused visitor frequently clicks away before you can capture any contact information. That won’t help you expand your list.

We found the squeeze page or landing page works best for list building. With a squeeze page, the only thing the visitor sees is the opportunity to get your Irresistible Free Offer (IFO). Announce the offer on this unique page, explain why it provides the solution to their problem, and then request their name and email address so they can download it. Bingo! Now you’ve got another person in your data base.

For the best results, the design of your squeeze page should be very simple and clean. Make it very clear that you want visitors to put their contact information into the opt-in box. You might even use arrows or other graphic devices which direct the eye to the opt-in box.

Don’t have any other links that will distract visitors. Don’t include any navigation to other pages because this is another distraction. You don’t want to provide any reason for people to get lost or click away. The total focus of the squeeze page is on your IFO and capturing their contact details. After entering their information and gaining access to your IFO, you can redirect them to the home page.

Of course you can also mention your IFO and newsletter on your home page as well. No reason to miss this opportunity. Just keep in mind your squeeze page will convert far more visitors which is the number one reason why you want to build one.

Your Assignment:

If list building is one of your goals, it’s time to create your squeeze page. Remember why you created your IFO. Think about the problems your ideal clients have that keep them up at 2 a.m. That is what you write about for your squeeze page, as well as how your offer solves the problem. Add an opt-in box requesting name and email address so people can have instant access to your IFO. This is a very powerful list building strategy.

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