People consider laser hair removal a beauty investment. The process involves hair removal by exposure of laser light to pulses that destroy the hair follicles. Its use was made commercial in the year 1995.

Laser treatment has been available for a long time at clinics. Six treatments are needed for 80% clearance irrespective of the area under the laser. Treatment costs, methods and effectiveness depend on each person’s skin type, hair thickness and the area under the laser. It is expensive and needs 6 to 8 treatments for complete hair removal.

How it works

During the process of hair removal, the laser emits light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy converts into heat which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin called hair follicles that produce hairs. The damage either stops or delays future hair growth. If hair grows, they are lighter, more delicate and less in number.

Home Laser Hair Removal

Most of the people who use home laser hair removal find it to be safe and endurable. The laser procedure does not carry any long-term health risks except some temporary minor side effects. Laser hair removal does not hurt but feels like tiny pinpricks.

The option for home laser hair removal requires just a device which is significantly cheaper in comparison. The portable laser hair removal uses intense pulse light (IPL). The IPL emits a wavelength onto your skin, and the pigment absorbs the wavelength in the hair. It causes heat that destroys hair growing cells and mitigates hair follicles. It is an FDA approved safe technology. It is less intrusive for the skin. It is painless and gives the feeling of warm sensation on the surface.

Most users begin to notice hair reduction after just 3-4 treatments and complete hair removal by the end of 12 treatments with this device. However, the impact varies from person to person. IPL does not work on light blonde, red or grey-colored hair that does not contain melanin.

The Recommended Frequency of use

The home laser hair-removal device is recommended to be used twice a week for the first four weeks, followed by once a week for the next 4-8 weeks and as per requirement in the next 8-12 weeks. After this, it can be used once every 2 to 3 months as needed to maintain smooth hairless skin.

Two types of best at home laser hair removal devices are available in the market. One uses IPL and the other uses an actual laser. Both types of devices remove hair effectively but are far less powerful in comparison to the tools used by clinical professionals. The professional-grade devices need license and training for their use. The men and women can use the home laser hair-removal devices easily with a few instructions. They can conveniently use it for smaller areas like upper lips and sideburns. But there may be some difficulty for using it on larger areas like legs or arms. Several people buy home laser hair-removal device for removing facial hair. It works best for the people who have dark hair and light skin tone.

A word of caution

The people should use laser hair removal devices for the right purpose, keeping in mind the safety factor. They should not use these devices near eye-area, over-pigmented areas or tattoos, moles and in the genital regions. A well-researched purchase of branded hair removal device is in the interest of users. Waxing or plucking of hair needs to be avoided before laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is not advisable in the condition of sunburns.

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