As we watch food prices continue to climb, with many signs supporting continued escalation, healthy home made foods are might become a financial challenge. We need to eat to live, and we need to eat well to thrive, so we don't have much of a choice but to let the grocery stores hit our wallets hard...or do we? Home food gardens are an excellent way to enjoy healthy produce without paying a premium for it, and becoming self sufficient has enriching benefits for one's personal sense of well-being, as well. Once you prepare a garden, it will continue to produce food throughout the season - save the seeds each harvest and you'll have a perpetual food source!

Home food gardens can be placed almost anywhere, with traditional gardens in the backyard, box gardens, indoor verticle gardems or community gardens in apartment style housing complexes. Very easy to set up, materials like tomato cages or bean trellises can be reused season after season, and provided the soil is well-aerated, fertilized, and turned over before planting each year, it can also be counted on to produce delicious food to help you become more financially secure and less reliant on the industrial food complex. The truly savvy gardener embraces self sufficient living by composting his or her produce scraps as well - these will break down into nutrient-rich soil that will lead to bigger, healthier plants and a greater yield.

If you'd rather keep your money in your pocket or have it grow in other investments, than spending it at the grocery store, you can ensure your success at self sufficient living by doing a little research before beginning your garden. Check to see what plants grow best in your region and area, making these the heart of your garden. Don't neglect planting a few herbs as well - these will give flavor to your produce and make them savory and delicious! When you grow your own food, you can control what goes into it and you don't have to worry about unknown pesticides and chemical additives. In addition, you save the gas that you'd use to go to the grocery store so often, which is great for your budget and better for the planet overall.

While becoming self sufficient and financially secure with a food garden sounds appealing, some may be skeptical it is too much work or effort. With modern technology, this is never a worry! Products like soaker hoses, watering bulbs, and slow-release fertilizer spikes practically do the work for you, ensuring you don't have to lug around a heavy watering can, or risk losing your fruit and vegetables to nutrient deficiency.

A food garden is not only economical and easy to set up and use, it is also a beautiful addition to your property and a great use of space. When you weigh the price of pounds of your favorite organic produce against the very small price of a packet containing hundreds of seeds, the choice is an easy one: start a garden!

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