This was written by a friend of mine Sheri McMurray, and when I read it, I immediately asked her if I could share it. It is such an amazing story. (She is a flight attendant. which helps to know just for ease of reading mid-way through.)

The day [my cat,] Chloe, died I was trying to clear the energy of our house because there was so much grief and suffering, and I wasn't sure yet what to do for her. So I put on this healing chakras cd and incensed the whole house. Then I ate lunch while she lay in her favorite box upstairs. I went to the cupboard to get a cookie, and as I did so, smoke came up from my heart area into my face. Just like a puff. I was so startled, I automatically blew it away and looked down at my shirt to see if I had accidentally caught myself on fire when I incensed. No. I thought, maybe Chloe just passed away. I ran upstairs to see, and, again, no. She was still there.

We ended up taking her in to the vet that afternoon, because the vet said the grief and suffering I was feeling in the house was probably coming from Chloe, and we didn't want her to suffer. It actually ended up being a beautiful moment when she was released, because she was so ready and, I think, appreciative. We loved her so much. When we came back into the house, it felt better. I felt like all the love the three of us shared was now the energy of the house. My husband and I cried for days. I took five days off from work and he and I shared our grief.

The day I went back to work, I was happy. It was good to be "normal." On my return flight from Phoenix to Chicago, I was serving dinner in first class, serving directly from the cart in the aisle. When I got to 5E, her tray table was out, as was 5F. I asked what she wanted for dinner, chicken or pasta, and when I pulled the tray out of the cart, a puff of smoke came from her into her face. We were both stunned. I managed to go on serving, but we both were confused and surprised. I thought should I say this happened to me a few days ago, but thought no. When it happened, I stared to try to make sense or logic of it. I saw particles in the air right above her face and head. After I was done serving, when I picked up her tray, I said, so what was that? And she said, "I have no idea. It was like ashes from an ashtray, and I can't find the source."

I was so excited, because I really did feel like God was speaking to me. First the puff of smoke, then an ashy puff of smoke, all while I am contemplating life and the loss of Chloe. I tried to find the answer on the internet (because doesn't the internet have all the answers?!) I sat down and thought, what to google? I googled “holy spirit” and “smoke” and got tips on how to stop smoking. I then googled “holy spirit puff of smoke” and got our bible verse that my husband and I found on a note card by the lake before he went in for his stem cell transplant.

"Brothers and Sisters, I plead with you to give up your bodies to God. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice to you. Do not copy the customs and behaviors of this world, but let God transform you by changing the way you think. After all he has done for you, is this too much to ask? For then you will know how perfect and pleasing her will is."

There really is no logical reason this bible verse would come up from googling "holy spirit puff of smoke," but it did. None of it is logical, but don't you love it?!

Thanks for letting me share this with you. I hope your day is blessed and beautiful.

Kristin Ecklund
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