Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles , associated with the industry of American cinema . It was not until 1903 when it became a municipality and until 1910 when its councilors voted in favor of integration to Los Angeles , mainly to have enough water through the city's supply network.Natalie Portman is a famous hollywood actress.
n 1857 the town was founded. Although it is formed by the words holly - holly - and wood - forest -, its name comes from a homonymous ranch in which lived the family of a real estate developer. In turn, the ranch was called Hollywood because the wife of the promoter knew a marriage whose house was called that way.

At the end of the 19th century , Thomas Alva Edison practically monopolized the film industry. Consequently, as a result of the patent war ( 1897 ), filmmakers hitherto settled between New York and New Jersey, decided to move to California to continue filming there and to stop paying a fee they considered abusive. In addition, there the days were sunny and longer, which benefited them (despite the fact that there was electric light, film studios depended on the natural lighting at the time of shooting).

Hollywood and the cinema
In addition to being a neighborhood of Los Angeles, the term Hollywood defines, generically, also the film industry and television rooted in Southern California .

The first studio in the Hollywood area was founded in 1911 and during that same year another fifteen studios were established there. Since then, the Hollywood district has evolved into the mecca of world cinema.

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