Hollywood is a word that almost everyone is familiar with. Located California, the district of Hollywood lies in the neighboring area of Los Angeles. The word Hollywood is often used to refer American Cinema. The word ‘Hollywood’ is inscribed in the area of Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. Popularly known as ‘Hollywood Sign’ this is one of the most famous landmarks of United States as well as of the world. According to the history of Hollywood, it was created as a part of an advertisement in the year 1923.
1. Hollywood
The Hollywood is popularly known by other names ‘Tinseltown’ and ‘StarStruck’ in order to refer to both Hollywood and the movie industry. Though much of the film industry has moved in the neighboring Westside area, some industries like effects, editing, post-production, and lighting and props companies have still bases in Hollywood.
2. History of Hollywood
Hollywood is enmeshed in a long and rich history. The history of Hollywood dates back to the 18th century when it was an agricultural area. Filmmaking in this area progressed with the establishment of Nestor Motion Picture Company. By the year 1915, large number of American films was produced in the Los Angeles area.

Some of the most prominent film companies that had their studios in Hollywood included Paramount, Columbia, Warner Bros and RKO. With the year 1920, Hollywood earned world-wide recognition as the center of the film industry of the United States. As Hollywood grew in prominence as the film industry of the country, restaurants, banks, movie palaces and clubs also started to spring up. The Hollywood Boulevard commercial and entertainment district in the year was listed officially in National Register of Historic Places.
3. Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign is an international symbol of the entertainment industry. This famous landmark is located in Santa Monica Mountains in the city of Los Angeles, California. Though both purpose and the appearance of the sign has undergone an evolution all these years, its messages still is the same; “This is a place where magic is possible, where dreams can come true”. Each of the letters that measures 45-foot of the word is symbolic of ambition, success and glamour of the place and film industry named ‘Hollywood’. If you drive up to Beachwood Drive, which is northern part of Hollywood Boulevard, you will get the best views of the Hollywood Sign.
4. History of Hollywood Sign
When it was erected for the first time, it read ‘Hollywoodland’. Promoted and protected by Hollywood Sign Trust, the sign often makes appearance in different television programs and films. The sign was transformed to its present name ‘Hollywood’ in the year 1949. . Due to some infamous incidents in the past, the sign is presently been entirely fenced and a modern alarm system has also been installed.

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