Socrates mentored Plato ... Plato mentored Aristotle ... Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great...

It is a known fact. The most effective way to be successful is to be mentored. I am blessed to have had many excellent mentors over my 35 years of professional life.

When I need to learn a new skill, I find the best teacher
I can and use her or him to learn what I need to learn. I do this in both my personal and professional life. This behavior has served me well so that my private practice and my personal growth have flourished.

For example, when I received my Doctorate from Baylor University I knew I did not know enough about psychotherapy to successfully help anyone. So I applied to study Behavior Therapy and Sex Therapy with a famous man at Temple Medical School.

Adding on this extra year of Post Doctorate study was a very smart move on my part. I am eternally grateful because I learned how to relax my clients and myself during this mentoring experience way back in 1975. Relaxation Therapy is one of the most powerful clinical skills you can have in your professional toolbox if your practice is in holistic health and wellness.

Then many years later, when managed care moved in I knew that a psychologist with an original, holistic psychology approach was not going to flourish in this controlling, traditional system. Managed care was full of psychiatric labels, time-limited treatments, treatment restrictions and massive paper work.

Immediately, I began my search for a marketing, business
mentor that I could trust. I knew I needed to learn
marketing in order to keep my private practice healthy
so I could say, “No thank you,” to the dictates of managed

Getting marketing and business’s mentor was a smart move on my part. As a result of using a mentor I never had to mess with managed care. Therefore, my creativity was not inhibited and I had the free time to develop a new paradigm that was more effective than the old, traditional psychotherapy models.

You need to do the same if you want to be successful in your holistic health practice.

Let mentors help you improve your clinical skills and your business skills. Seek out teachers who can add substance and value to you and your holistic health practice.

Work with holistic psychologists, alternative therapists,
peak performance coaches, energy work teachers and skillful marketing mentors to teach you what you need to know.

Use the mentors who teach you how to fish.

Do not use teachers or mentors who give you a fish. You do not need treatments, answers or techniques. You need to be empowered with knowledge, process, skill and direct experience.

Use mentors who teach you how to find your own answers by looking inward. Use holistic health teachers who show you how to develop and use your natural talents. You deserve to reach your goals and be satisfied with yourself.

With the new technology today it is possible to study with a holistic health mentor who is top notch and convenient. For example, in line with fulfilling my own purpose in life, as director of the Center for New Psychology, I developed a Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program that anyone can join no matter where they live or what professional degree they have earned.

Check out the Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program designed for massage therapists, body workers, coaches, social workers and others who want to learn to combine their holistic therapeutic approaches with business success.

There is no reason you cannot manifest your heart felt desires and fulfill your purpose in life. There is no doubt that you will be successful with your self improvement and your holistic health practice if you use the best holistic health mentors you can find.

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Doris Jeanette, Psy.D is a licensed psychologist with 35 years of clinical experience. She has developed an energy based, holistic, new psychology. Find out more about her Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program and sign up for her free newsletter, “The Vibrant Moment” at: