Holistic Healing Practices

Holistic Healing practices can be anything that is an alternative to contemporary western medicine practices. These practices are not designed to diagnose, or replace the treatments as are determined needed by a licensed medical doctor. Rather Holistic Healing practices are a complimentary alternative to assist in achieving personal wellness often practiced side by side with your physician.

There are a variety of holistic healing modalities available, there is something out there for everyone. The main premise of these modalities is to provide something that will improve the quality of life and help you on the road to recovery. A few examples of what some of these modalities could include are:

Acupuncture the practice of using needles placed at point along the body’s meridians or zones to encourage and help bring balance and harmony within the problem areas.

Acupressure also known as Shiatsu, pressure point therapy is the use of the pressure points rather than with needles done with finger pressure to stimulate and open the channels within the zones enhancing the healing or bringing in balance and or harmony. 

Aromatic Medicine France and some of the other countries recognize the use of essential oils that have either the afnor or eebdc rating on them as clinical oils and they are prescribed as if they were a prescribed medicine. 
Chakra Balancing: The opening and balancing of energy gates. There are 7 major, 14 minor and 21 lesser energy gates through out the body.

Chiropractic Care the realignment of the body structure that can aid all levels of the body.
Coaching: Relationship, Career, Business, Weight, Wellness no matter what type of coaching you receive helps you find the answers that best suits what you can use and implement into your life, business, etc. bringing confidence and an awareness of purpose.

Cranial Sacral Therapy the vibrational pulse adjustments of the systems of the body

Crystals and Gems; Help set the vibrational rhythms of the body and environment.

Detoxifying and or cleanses done with herbal cleanses and other methods such as the Ionic Foot Spa are a way for the body to release toxins through the pressure points for example of the foot. 

Ear Candling: with the use of a specifically designed cone that is placed in the ear the heat and smoke create a vapor that can then help draw out earwax and yeast. 

Energy Emerging Healing Modality: Is the use of energy transference from therapist to client encouraging the body to wellness thought the energetic field of the body promoting wellness and balance. Thus giving the client the opportunity to remove past hurts and memories, releasing that which has been held within the cellular memory of the body.

Essential Oils: Essential oils when a good product is used can be used as a form of a medicinal through inhalation, topical application. As essential oil is absorbed into the body within seven seconds and the healing property that is associated with the plant/ oil is then absorbed and being used for the bodies wellness. 

Hydrotherapy water therapy can be any form of therapy done in water. Swimming exercise, massage, movement etc.

Hypnotherapy is a light trance state where the subconscious mind is allowed to facilitate the need of the client. Never a control, bark like a dog suggestive type therapy. Rather the relaxed state of being where the client can see beyond the surface of their condition.

Kinesiology: The body serves as an energetic pendulum and will show strengths and weaknesses and this can be tested and corrected through the use of Kinesiology.

Massage: The manipulation of soft tissue, muscles, and tendons to stimulate the flow of circulation, lymphatic, lactic acids in the body to promote healing, and or relief from the problem.

Meditation becomes the opportunity to quiet the mind and relax. Letting go of stresses and making time to go within. Much like prayer it is the opportunity to connect with your ‘God source’.

Naturopathic Care: Treatment of medical conditions within the scope of herbs, nutrition, and more. 

Nutrition: with the proper nutrition, eating and creating good habits weight loss, energy and overall feeling better can be achieved.

Reflexology pressure point therapy on the feet hands and ears that brings wellness through the stimulation of the over 7200 pressure points of the feet

Reiki translates as Rei Universal Ki life force energy. Reiki is the awakening of life force energy between a Reiki practitioner and client. This practice is becoming popular in 60% of the medical community practices today. Dr. Nurses, are beginning to understand the importance of this therapy. The promotion of allow the body to begin to heal itself.

Holistic Healing Modalities will look at the whole person: body mind and spirit. These are the types of therapies that can be used to promote wellness on all of these levels. Not just band aide fixes to a greater problem. When used in conjunction with a treatment plan with your physician or alone we are able to help improve the quality of life. When we can look at the whole person the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful with unconditionally care for, love and nurture all those aspects then we bring the body into harmony and balance and on the road to wellness. Pinch response- If someone were to come up and pinch you what is your reaction? You respond on all levels. Physically reach up grab the spot, emotionally feel the pain and react, mentally the mind begins sending signals sending endorphins to begin healing of the ouch to the physically and the verbal response can be a spiritual release.
Seeing the whole person why are they suffering what has caused the situation where are they in this life, is the key to holistic healing. Not a replacement for medical science but an enhancement, complimentary alternatives to improve the quality of life. 

Contact any of the local businesses that offer such care and you will find that there is more to this thing known as Holistic Healing.
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April Lugo, PhD: Intuitive Mentorship Coach. April is an international author, lecture, teacher and speaker. Her life mission has been on of empowering individuals to their highest potentials. April holds a PhD in Holistic Healing, Metaphysical Arts, Intuitive Life Coaching and Parapsychology. She also has a master in Psychology