We all value our pets. They give us so much: affection, love and entertainment. So it's very hard to watch them when they are ill, afraid or suffering. Over the years I have sometimes been asked to provide healing for pets. Let me share with you some simple and effective healing techniques which you can use to help your furry friends. These have all been used with real animals, and without exception, the pet responded well to the treatment.

Of course, before you try anything holistic, you must get your pet any appropriate medical treatment. After this, start your holistic regime. Animals respond very well to natural therapies because they are extremely sensitive to subtle energies. You should see an improvement within a few hours of starting treatment, but should carry on for at least a couple of weeks to get maximum benefit.

Flower Remedies: The Gentle Healers

Whenever your cat or dog is distressed, injured or afraid, you can give them a Bach Flower Remedy. Yes, flower remedies are completely safe for cats and dogs, with a little extra preparation. You can easily purchase these from a health-food store.

When you have selected your remedy, put four drops into a cup. Then add a little boiling water to make the brandy preservative evaporate. It helps if you swill the mixture around; you will be able to smell the alcohol as you do this. After a couple of minutes, you should be able to confirm that most of it has gone by checking the smell. Then use cold water to make the mixture up to about 30ml. This remedy will now last for up to four weeks, but you must keep it refrigerated.

To give the remedy to your pet, simply add four drops to their drinking water. Usually, they do not notice that you have added anything, and happily drink the water. Make sure you change the water and add fresh remedy every day.

When giving flower remedies to pets, I recommend giving Rescue Remedy in the first instance, and then up to two other remedies. I have found the following remedies to be particular effective for animals:

Rescue Remedy for shock, after operations or accidents.
Mimulus and Aspen when they are afraid.
Larch and Centaury when they are being bullied.
Holly and Beech when they are overly aggressive.

Colour Therapy for Pets

Your pet cannot tell you what is wrong, and cannot tell you what has upset or frightened it. The colours which will help an animal are therefore blue and orange. Blue clears communication, calms and de-stresses. Orange clears shock and trauma. To help a pet with colour, simply wrap them in a towel or blanket of the appropriate colour, or place coloured blankets in their bed.

Crystal Healing for Pets

Crystals can be extremely helpful for pets. Simply place the crystal in your pet's bedding and they will get the benefit.


Injury, Operation or Accident
Obviously the first priority is to get your pet the required medical treatment. After this has been taken care of, you can start the healing. Give your pet Rescue Remedy. If they are unable to drink, simply dip your finger in their drinking water, and let them lick your finger. Give them an orange towel or blanket to help with the trauma. I also recommend placing a piece of smoky quartz in their bedding. The energy of this crystal is excellent for absorbing pain.

Being Bullied and Attacked
Again, you should start with Rescue Remedy and an orange blanket. I also recommend adding Mimulus and Aspen to the remedy. This will help deal with your pet's fear and timidity. After a couple of days, you should see a change in your pet's behaviour. It will then be beneficial to give them Centaury and Larch to increase their confidence.

Aggression and Bullying Other Animals
Give the aggressive animal Beech and Holly flower remedies for several weeks. Use a bright blue towel or blanket with your pet. I also recommend putting a rose quartz crystal in their bedding. This combination will make your pet feel safe and loved, and should reduce their aggression towards other animals.

Making a difference to your pet's well-being is very easy. All that is required is to have a couple of bottles of flower remedy, a few crystals and some coloured towels. What could be easier?

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse is a Colour Psychologist and Flower Remedies practitioner. She uses colour to clear stress and trauma, and help people move forward with their lives. Colour is a truly universal language: it can reach anyone, regardless of their ability to communicate their problems. Flower Remedies are safe and gentle yet extremely powerful: they can produce life-changing healing. Anyone can incorporate holistic healing techniques like these into their daily life to make things better for themselves and those around them, at little or no cost. Find out how to do this at www.anne-whitehouse.com.