History, a diverse climate, an incredible mix of cultures and a wide series of activities means that the country of Spain is one of the favourites for HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN and is the most visited tourist sites in the world. The diverse landscape and peoples make Spain a great destination for holiday makers seeking any type of activity. Here are some ideas of things to do in Spain on the basis of some of the most popular.

As the guardian of the western Mediterranean, Spain has long been known for its beautiful beaches and resorts. It’s the first European country to border the Mediterranean Sea while en route to the east so it's a natural destination for people from all over the U.S. and the Americas. Travellers will also find a lot of appeal for the warm Atlantic Ocean bordering the west coast of Spain, above and below Portugal. Northern Spain in particular is known for its many surfing opportunities.

Spain is known as one of the most productive agricultural countries in the world and tourists to make a trip to the vineyards and olive trees grown throughout the region. Jaén forests and vineyards of Mallorca are very popular.

Every time someone thinks of Spain, of course they think of festivals. The country is the land of the party and there are festivals to enjoy throughout the year. Carnival is one of the most famous festivals celebrated throughout the country but with larger parties of Cadiz and Santa Cruz. La Feria de Abril in Seville is also widely known for its flamenco dancers and bullfights and in Spain bullfighting is practised each summer.

Spain is home to a rich and varied cultural history, reflects the many elements of Spanish culture today. Spain was one of the most northerly of the ancient Islamic empire, in fact it was only a year before Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World that the forces of Allah had been permanently expelled from the country. This mixed heritage is still celebrated as Moros y Cristianos in the south of Spain in the spring.

With its beautiful landscapes and cultures, Spain is a country that complains about every tourist.
Because of its location, culture in Spain is heavily influenced by people of all cultures from the Greeks and Romans to the Muslims, North Africans and Phoenicians. The Spanish are as colourful as its culture and if you are looking for excitement and adventure holidays then Spain is the place to go. And you do not even need to know the major languages of Castilian and Valencia.

Spain is more or less a Christian nation where about 77 percent of the population belongs to the Catholic Church but only 1 per cent belongs to a Protestant church. However, it is a good mix of religions other than Islam as well.

Another of those favourite tourist destination for HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN is bullfighting is probably the most popular of all traditions and Spanish culture, which reflects the strong influence of other cultures and races had this beautiful country. Raised in the Iberian Peninsula by the Greeks and Phoenicians, bullfighting is a sport that has evolved over centuries and has since adapted well to the Spanish culture. Originally a sport involving men on horseback fighting bulls raging but it eventually changed into men or bullfighters battling without the help of horses. Bullfighting is seen more as a ritual event than a sport today.

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