A Message From Your Bliss Guides...
Laugh, play, dance and enjoy life. This is your birthright, this is your true calling ~ to be an expression of joy on earth, a light in the darkness.

Do the holidays stress you out? Even if you love the season, chances are you feel the pressure ~ holiday parties, gifts, financial worries, and those extra holiday calories ~ ugh!

Yes, the jolliest time of the year does come with a bit of seasonal stress. So how do you stay focused on the good stuff without letting the stress zap your holiday cheer?

Your Bliss Guides of course!

Bliss Guides are playful, joyful, loving beings whose job is to show you that life is beautiful, blissful and a heck of a lot of fun. And around the holidays these fun-loving Guides remind you to relax, kick up your feet and enjoy the eggnog.

When compared with the important tasks of other Spirit Guides, like your Teachers and Healers, the job of your Bliss Guides may at first seem trivial. But in reality these Guides are a vital part of your spiritual growth.

When we get mired in the heaviness of life, our souls become stagnant. Bliss Guides help us lighten up and raise our vibration.

So how do you tap into the endless supply of joy these Guides have to offer?

Strategy # 1 ~ Make a Play Date with Your Bliss Guides

I'm one of those people who puts everything I do in my daily calendar, from appointments to deadlines to house chores.

So this season, with my schedule bursting at the seams, I've added some time for play. This can be time I spend in the back yard with my dogs, or 15 minutes a day I turn the radio on and dance around my living room.

It doesn't matter what you do for play, only that you take the time to honor your spirit in this way. So set an appointment with your Bliss Guides are sure to show up ready to have fun.

Strategy # 2 ~ When Bliss Comes a Knockin', Open the Door & Let It In

These impulsive Guides have a way of showing up when you least expect them ~ and you most need them ~ bringing an air of spontaneity and possibility with them. When this happens, you may be tempted to dismiss their playful antics because you're "too busy" to play.

But take note ~ there's usually a reason they've come and ignoring them won't be easy or productive in the long run because they'll just keep coming back until you let them in.

So don't be surprised if they employ your kids or pets as part of their game to pull you into their world. My advice ~ surrender to them and PLAY, LAUGH, DANCE to your soul's delight!

Strategy # 3 ~ Laugh at Yourself

Don't take yourself too seriously, because if you do your Bliss Guides are sure to step in and trip you up (sometimes literally). They help ease worry and stress by encouraging you to get out of your own way and laugh at yourself.

Laughter is the signature of these happy Guides, so whenever you find yourself doubled over with hysterical belly-laughter, you've probably been tickled by your Bliss Guide.

Laughter and joy bring you closer to the light of your true spiritual nature, so don't fight it, just let it roll!

Here's to a Blissful Holiday Season!

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Michele McGrew, founder of Wake Up Goddess LLC, is a metaphysical minister and High Priestess who is passionate about helping others overcome the chaos and demands of a busy life to find their spiritual center and return to a natural state of joy. She hosts workshops and teaches private classes on a variety of topics including past life empowerment, magical manifestation, chakra balancing, connecting with your Spirit Guides and working with the archetypal energies of the ancient Gods and Goddess for the creation of a more harmonious life.

To learn more about Michele, or to book your appointment with her, call 561.602.1885 or go to: www.wakeupgoddess.com.