Valencia is the capital of the region of HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA which includes Castellon in the north and Alicante in the south. Valencia is also known as the City of Flowers and is one of the best places for your vacation. The green belt surrounding the city, La Huerta, is one of the most fertile regions of Spain while the coastal region is also known as the Orange Blossom Coast.

With miles upon miles of vineyards and olive, orange and lemon groves, the climate all year round is generally hot and rainfall is rare, but the region is prone to flooding. When rain falls, it tends to fall straight downward and is ferocious for several hours at a time. In the summer months of July and August the temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius then in the winter time from December through to March the area is still blessed with temperatures up and around the 20 degrees Celsius mark. It is not surprising that the vineyards are so prolific.

Surrounding the area of Valencia are the small towns and villages. Each has their own individuality such as Castellon, a laid back idyllic village north of Valencia. It is ideal for those travellers that like a rural holiday and many mountain walks past small sleepy villages. The Plaza de Santa Clara is part of the old quarter of Castellon also serving as a market place during the week and, with several historical architectures, Castellon has buildings from both the Gothic and Renaissance times. There are plenty of monuments to see and visit with amazing tapestries, sculptures and paintings.

Outside of Castellon there are plenty more villages worth to explore. Some are unique to the region. While the Roman Empire was one of the first civilisations to settle in the region bringing with them irrigation and some of the fruits, it was the Muslims that improved the region before the Catholics reclaimed the area. There are also many fiestas recounting the story of the reconquest that go on throughout the summer months, with each little village and town playing their own parts.

The other villages that are in the area are made up of El Port, Forcall, Morella and El Maestrazgo de San Mateo. There you can find even more architectural gems; most of these were built between the 14th and 16th centuries. Morella was an ancient walled medieval town and Ares Del Maestre is another such walled village which was conquered by the Catholics during the 14th century.

St Maria la Mayor Basilica was built during the 15th century and has become a local landmark. It is in the centre of Morella and is worth the visit alone when on your HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA. Borriol was once a Roman town that has become an historical landmark because of the prehistoric remains which have been discovered and the Albaroc cave paintings which are nearby.

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