One of the most beautiful cities in the world: when taking your HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA it is not hard to see why tourists visit the third most important city in Spain. It stands over the original mouth of the River Turia, which has long since been diverted around the city mostly due to the excessive flooding. The floods in 1957 were exceptionally bad: they were the final straw. The river each year caused turmoil when during the rainy season the river often flooded, sometimes worse than others. Roads would be covered with up to a metre of water and buildings damaged but in the floods of 1957 people lost their lives and because of that final straw the river diverted.

The diverted river left a gap in the city, albeit a pleasant one with the silt at the bottom of the riverbed ideal for cultivating. Beautiful gardens rich in colour grew up; pathways were built to accommodate the growing traffic as the residents of the city would take their Sunday strolls through the new park. Now though the park has been changed yet again with the building of a city within a city which started years ago and now the gardens have the added extension of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Along with the new city that has sprung up in place of the river, Valencia has so much to offer budding travellers, whether it is the history, culture the food the beaches or just its fantastic food it is not surprising that you will find yourself coming back year after year. Full of museums, among them you have the Museum of Fine Arts, the Prehistory Museum, the cathedral museum and the Institute of Modern Arts.

The city’s rich history is impressed in the extended historic centre. Its monumental historical heritage and the many diverse science and cultural sites make it a great city and favourite international destination. The more popular Valencian monuments are the Miguelete, the Cathedral, the two old towers, the last remaining parts of the ancient wall that once enclosed the city Serrano and Quart's Towers and the Lonja de la Seda. A few of these monuments were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996.

Besides the ancient monuments, Valencia has become known as the City of Flowers with the many beautiful landscaped gardens and parks. The Turia garden being the most popular; the Botanic Garden, the Royal Gardens and the Ayora Garden are among others that have grown in popularity. Besides being the third most important city of Spain it has become a financial leader resulting from its tourism with its ever popular HOLIDAY VILLAS IN VALENCIA and the construction industry that has grown as a result of the tourists.

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