Seasoned travellers and those just starting out on their first adventures away from home often search out HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN. Spain is one of the few countries that have so much to offer the individual or family group. Climb a tall mountain or dive to an underwater cave and so much more in between the two. Some enjoy the quiet country side the white washed villages in the southern province of Andalucia with its grand cities like Seville or Granada. Others prefer the wild beaches where more tourist centres and larger resorts offer so many different water sports and the Costas Blue Flag beaches. The resorts are not the same where ever you go there is always something different to see and do. Another reason why you should return year after year because a two week holiday is never enough time to explore all of Spain's little secrets.

There’s Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi's magical home town filled with his own masterpieces along with other fantastic Gothic works of architecture. The rumbustious Las Ramblas is probably the most well known road in Europe and if you have never heard of it then whose fault is that. The Costa Brava is probably one of the most picturesque of all the coastlines in Spain. Steep cliffs plunge headlong into the clear water below or sandy beaches with the Mediterranean Sea lapping at the edge.

History is an integral part of all our civilisations without it there would be no present and no future the past is a reminder and Spain is filled with wondrous reminders. Whether they are the ancient amphitheatres of the Romans or their cities that have lain almost undiscovered for centuries. Then there was the advancement by the Muslims who introduce irrigation so that more land could be turned into fertile growing zones, along with adding their own fantastic architecture that is still visible today in so many villages and towns up and down the coast.

Visit Valencia and the City of Arts and Sciences, where avant-garde seamlessly intertwined with ancient architecture with a dash of Gothic in a truly cosmopolitan city that has worked hard at keeping its past included with its future. It’s the homeland of Paella, one of Spain's most famous culinary foods. At the end of Costa Brava and the beginning of Costa Blanca is the town of Denia at the foot of a mountain range known locally as the Sleeping Elephant. It’s close enough to Barcelona with its tower blocks and American style skyline, famous for the night life with big clubs and just as big stars entertaining the holiday tourists. A party town where bright city lights and vibrant life style are totally in contrast to the laid back Spanish villages and the Spanish way of life.

Alicante is not just a town to arrive in although the main international airport serving tourists from all over the world. Looking down on the city is the castle of Santa Barbara and the Roman city of Lucentum, again like all of Spain its heritage marking turning points in her history. White sandy beaches stretch out all along the Costa Blanca, so named by the BEA for an advert when they launched their first flights from London to Valencia in 1957.

Not everything in Spain is old. All along the coast the Muslims had planted oranges and lemons almond groves and olives an irrigation system made it easier to cultivate the land which at one time was more akin to desert than the rich lands it is today. HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN is the perfect place for a perfect holiday: an ideal place to go when needing a relaxing holiday or an adventurous vacation.

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