When you are booking HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, you will notice that ecotourism is really a new popular factor which is different from the most popular tourist breaks we are used to. It began during the 1980s and its primary goal is for the vacationers to realise the effect of their travels and promote recycling and water conservation, therefore being eco-friendly. The locations for ecotourism ought to be carefully selected. The important thing factor is plants and wildlife.

In Spain ecotourism grew to become widespread in the 1990s. It is a country with plenty of natural points of interest which also welcomes vacationers from different corners around the globe. It provides lots of interesting options of locations that you should select from. You can cycle among the whitewashed villages of Andalucia or volunteer on organic and other farms. It’s completely up to you.

Helping in wildlife conservation is really a challenging and rewarding task. You may even volunteer through worldwide organizations and natural tourist programs. They often help everyone who is interested to find the right destination. You may even focus on wine making: there lots of good places for this scattered throughout Spain.

The next phase after selecting a destination is finding accommodation. In Madrid and Barcelona there are lots of eco-friendly hostels and residences so you should choose which one fits your plans best. They greatly vary from the usual hotels and villas in the country. A number of them recycle 50% of their guests’ water and employ the recycle and reuse principle. Pick the place that has an appropriate eco-label.

Spain is generally a really eco-friendly country. Even its transportation facilities are environment friendly. Public buses run on ethanol, hydrogen bio-diesel or electricity. The famous fast and convenient AVE speed train is definitely an eco-friendly method of transportation. It will lead you from Barcelona to Madrid in under three hours. It is a good way of transportation not just for vacationers but for local people too. The AVE train network will expand and soon nine in ten Spaniards will be living near to the rail station, within 30 miles from this network. For individuals who prefer bikes as a means of transportation, you can certainly rent and collect them from bike rental stops.

So when you are planning to stay in HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, on top of that airport terminal in Barcelona is outfitted with special designed glass walls and photo voltaic heating sections. The country is regarded as the 4th biggest producer of wind energy on the planet and becoming a haven for tourists interested in eco-friendly green vacations.

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