Most of the territory of HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The world's 51st-largest country, Spain has a pleasant climate all year round with the Mediterranean climate that just invites tourists for a holiday. Its coastline is almost 8,000 kilometres long and has some of the best and most beautiful beaches imaginable so it is always a good time to travel to Spain.

Spain is a place where life is always lived to the full and enjoyed to the upmost. With everything from beautiful beaches and gastronomy, more typical Spanish traditions such as flamenco and bullfighting and over 1,400 museums, Spain has something for everyone to enjoy. With centuries of history there is so much to see, learn and enjoy with places such as Barcelona, a paradise of Modernism due to works by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi including the Sagrada Familia cathedral.

Europe’s most unconventional church, the Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia is an emblem of a city that likes to think of itself as individualistic. Nothing quite prepares you for the impact of the Sagrada Familia up close. A fantastical tour de force or the imagination, Antoni Gaudi’s ambitious church has provoked endless controversy. Crammed with symbolism inspired by nature and striving for originality, it is the greatest of Gaudi’s works. In 1883, a year after work had begun on a Neo-Gothic church on the site, the task of completing it was given to Gaudi who changed everything extemporizing as he went along. It became his life’s work and he lived like a recluse on the site for 14 years. Gaudi now lies in the crypt and his tomb is visible from the museum.

Recently renovated to include a small cinema, the museum offers information about the temple’s construction. The highlight is the maquette workshop, producing scale plaster and stone models of the ongoing work. At Gaudi’s death only one tower on the Nativity facade had been completed but work resumed after the Civil War and several more have since been finished to his original plan. As a work in progress, it offers the unique chance to watch the Eighth Wonder of the World in the making.

During the last 80 years and at incalculable cost, sculptors and architects have added their own touches to Gaudi’s dream. Now financed by over a million visitors each year, it is estimated that the project will be completed by 2030, though this depends largely on the funding. Wherever you go for your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, you will find places like this. The Sagrada Familia is really as much a symbol of Spain as it is Barcelona.

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