As a teenager and young adult my main hobby, let me change that, my only hobby was partying. I was functional in school as far as grades go but everything revolved around partying. It didn't matter if it was alcohol or drugs, I wanted to party and whatever means it took to get there I would do it.

As years went by and the lesson learned from a hobby of partying was that it was a game of russian roulette. That isn't being over dramatic. Every time I got behind the wheel of a car my live wasn't the only one at risk… it was other people whether walking or driving or riding a bicycle that were in danger with my hobby.

When partying ended, new hobbies needed to be found. At first it was pretty simple ones. Building models… my favorites were the old ships, with their sails and cannons peaking out below the deck. They'd occupy me for many hours. In the evening the TV would be on and in the corner I had a little area where I had the models, the paints, the glue and anything else I needed to bring these pieces of plastic to life.

In time, this hobby was put away and some new ones started. Wood working and landscaping. I began making jewelry boxes and hope chests for kids and grandkids. I built coffee tables and other knick-knacks for around the house and yard. And besides these little things, I also built a three room addition to a small home. Built an office and a front porch area as well.

Then as the wood working projects were finishing up, yard work picked up. Planting trees and scrubs and still my favorite, making little ponds that had waterfalls and goldfish in them.

When I moved into an apartment these things took a back seat… someday, they may come alive again but right now I don't have any room to do major projects. So a new hobby was found.

One of the great joys with sobriety was finding my own Higher Power. Not a religious deity, which it could have been if I so chosen to go that direction. But I went another way. I searched for this Being from the history of mankind. I started with the Roman/Greek gods and goddesses. That led me to the Egyptians and the Celtic beings.

What I found the most comfort with is the beliefs of the Native Americans. Respect for land, respect for property, and respect for every living thing in this world sounded perfect to me. Once I settle with this Higher Power, I learned more about the myths and legends of the many tribes of the Natives.

After 14 years of sobriety and learning about my Higher Powers, I was blessed to be adopted into the Cherokee family. And still the journey continued.

In early 2014 I took a class at our local community college about the Native American Flute and loved it. By the end of the course I was given a flute and began my latest journey into the spiritual world of my Higher Power.

For over a year, I had this flute, playing it on occasion. Then my health deteriorated and the flute just sat and patiently waited for my return. Well, the reunion was pleasant and very rewarding. I felt very much at home with the flute.

It sounded peaceful and I wanted to learn more and play more. It has been such a joy that this one flute now has company. The recent addition of three other flutes has made for my own little orchestra.

Hobbies are a part of our lives… they help define our character and bring passion to our life. Take time and enjoy your hobbies, they are well worth it…

Author's Bio: 

Dave Harm is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for over 20 years. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. He is the author of three books and the creator of two musical CD's.

He shares his experience and journey on his website