The contemporary globalized world is rapidly turning into an overstandardized one. Being used to a certain set of amenities, a lot of people don’t relish the idea of parting with their habitual environment even if they have to travel a thousand miles to another continent. As a result, wherever we are, we stay at a typical hotel, enjoy the same dish, drive a typical car, and even read the same magazine. It is also true about the clothes and shoes we buy – trendsetters have seen to it that in every corner of the planet we wear what is the latest fashion in this very season.

The uniformity crusade has been probably taking it too far, generating in many people an antipodal desire to free themselves from this tedious homogeneity. Astute entrepreneurs have tapped this human yearning and came up with the idea of customization, which turned out to be an effective solution allowing the recalcitrant to show at least some signs that they are different from the monotonous surrounding crowd. Consequently, manufacturing print on demand (PoD) products emerged as an exceedingly profitable trade catering to the needs of an ever-increasing body of consumers.

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