In the old days of modern Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ in Hamilton NJ practitioners with no experience in other martial arts were a dominant force. As a matter of fact the Gracie Family emphasized BJJ position training.

In the early days of modern Mixed Martial Arts, being a well-rounded fighter was not a pre-requisite for fighting. Martial Artist practitioners wanted to prove that their style of fighting was the best. The basic technique was to fight your opponent where you are strongest. For strikers, this would be on their feet of course. And, for grapplers, this would be on the ground.

When fighting a striker, a pure BJJ stylist would first stay out of striking range. When I say "pure", I mean a BJJ stylist who does not cross train in other martial arts. A common strategy was to wait for the striker to commit to a punch or kick, and then take the striker down when he is unbalanced. This unbalancing occurs quite often when the hips are committed to a strike. Well, the BJJ stylist would shoot in and attempt to take the striker down. This was not always successful at all, and there was the times when strikers successfully defended the takedown and actually knocked out BJJ fighters. But, there were times when the BJJ fighters were successful using the takedowns, and began BJJ position control.

To be very honest, when executed successfully, the grappler would actually take the fighter down. Some of the techniques and tricks used for taking the opponent down included using the bear hug, or going to the side of the fighter, and taking him down from the side. After executing the takedown, generally the side body position came into picture. From there, the grappler would go to mount.

The mount is known as the commonly used BJJ position. When this position is established, the grappler would begin punching the face of the person on bottom in hopes of making him turn over. This was a very common technique. When the person turns over, the back mount can be introduced and a choke can we applied (rear naked choke). When the person on bottom attempts to stand up, the grappler pushes his hips into the person on bottom, and extends his legs. This actually helps to break the person down.

This was a widely popular strategy, and executed by a range of BJJ in Hamilton NJ practitioners. However, it was subjective to the person performing the strategy.

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