The concept of Context and Values has revolutionized our business for both in how we relate to our employees and our customers alike. It assists us to tap into understanding how someone frames their world, what they are afraid of, what they are excited about, and what they feel very confident about in themselves that will be deepened by working with us.

We look for an employee whose context of their world is going to fit in with ours. The way employees see themselves personally and professionally, what they are very confident about in their own lives, and what they care about, which may even include the charities that they are interested and may have common themes that will potentially fit into the values of our company.

As an employer having an awareness of a new hire’s context and values, and more importantly, weeding out based on non-aligned factors of their context and values, will also lead to a really great relationship, as it will make sure that you avoid things that are blatantly disruptive to the alignment of whatever you are trying to achieve for your company.

The last, and probably the most important factor, that we design roles for is something called Unique Ability. This concept from Catherine Nomura’s book “Unique Ability” refers to something that we do exceptionally well and we love to do. In fact, we have more energy after doing it than before.

Everyone has a Unique Ability, everyone has something they are best at and it can be applied to the workplace. It does not matter if this ability fits in at the lowest paid position in your business or highest. Everyone should be engaged to fit their Unique Ability.

For example, I have a retail business where some staff work at the sale registers. They are so good at what they do that I am not allowed to stand beside them while they work, because I am taking them away from their chi. Their purpose on the planet is to serve people in a very specific way, and the tasks that are required from our business are in line with that. They do a fantastic job, make lots of money to accommodate their lifestyles, make us a lot of money, and they make very few mistakes.

In determining the perfect employee, you are much better off designing for somebody to be approached and to come into your business that will naturally do really well at the tasks that they are given. Not only will they do really well, but also they will have a passion for their job that you will not be able to get in the way of. We test for a definitive passion for the way that they are going to be performing their tasks even before they are invited for an interview.

It is very important that if you want lasting relationships that can grow your company long-term, that you engage all your employees at this level. It is crucial. You are investing in your wealth and it’s really easy to go a one step further to make sure that you have relationships that can last five, ten, fifteen, twenty years that will make you not just money, but if you need to be gone from the daily business operations, they can carry on your vision without you necessarily needing to be there.

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Hugh Stewart is a business coach who has successful created and developed several businesses. With his deep understanding of developing systems and outsourcing, Hugh helps small business owners who are ready for tremendous success.

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