The days when people underestimated the importance of creating and publishing website content are long gone. They know generating organic traffic, leads and revenue is something that cannot be done without good quality and adequate content. This is why, all the businesses have dedicated content marketing teams working for their organization these days, the size of the team is directly related to the organization’s requirements and budget though. The content professionals use their years of expertise and inbuilt flair for words to favourably help businesses achieve their organizational objectives. But the biggest confusion today is insourcing content vs. outsourcing content.

Insourcing refers to the general practice of creating content within your organization, whereas outsourcing means getting the work done out of your office by a third party. The trend to hire offshore content writers is gaining momentum as it furnishes quality content at a cost that is much cheaper when compared to hiring an in-house team. If you are also swinging back and forth with the option of hiring in-house writers vs. outsourcing content, you are at the right place today. Let’s see what’s the right option for you according to the experts?
Insourcing content vs. outsourcing content – what’s better?

1. Cost Competitiveness

Pricing is one of the biggest and most crucial deciding factors in business. Now if you compare between hiring in-house writers vs. outsourcing content, outsourcing is a clear winner. When you hire an in-house content writer, you need to do a lot of headhunting, then on-board training needs to be provided, you will have to give him an office space and IT equipment and employee benefits like paid leaves and insurance also is an unavoidable part. But with outsourcing, you’re getting in touch with a third party that will take care of everything. Plus, outsourcing to affordable geographies like India is proven to save you around seventy percent of the cost that you will be incurring on hiring an in-house resource.

2. Starting Up

As soon as the requirement of a content writer is realized, you will start the process of hiring the perfect resource of a team of resources. For hiring in-house, you will be required to have an HR department that can start looking out for the best content writers and line them up for interviews. After the process of shortlisting, you will negotiate salaries and provide them on-board training before the prospective resources can start working on your project. This can be a time-consuming process for business owners who are always on their toes. Outsourcing on the other hand facilitates easy and quick project startup. You list your requirement, scan the best resumes, choose the most lucrative business plan and the work on your project will be started immediately.

3. Scalability

Today, almost every industry focuses on client servicing and thus, there are no lifetime projects even if you are delivering satisfactory results. If your in-house content writers are dedicatedly working on in-house projects like your website or SEO, there might be times when you do not have any work for them. This means that you are paying them for the days they are not productive and because regularly terminating and hiring again according to your changing project requirements is a process that involves a lot of critical aspects, doing anything to curb this situation will be out of your hands. But if you go ahead and hire offshore content writers, scaling up and down according to your fluctuating projects is exceptionally easy and quick. This mean you only pay for the exact amount of productivity that you are getting.

Although the above-mentioned points must have comprehensively melted away your doubts related to insourcing content vs. outsourcing content, if you are still a little doubtful, look at a deeper level and ask yourself a few questions. These questions might include the degree and time of your content requirement, your budget, and how soon you want your resources to start working. Whatever you decide, just be confident and make an informed decision. Be it insourcing or outsourcing, try hiring a small number of resources for the first time as it will be easier to jump onto the other option if you think you have chosen wrong. Go ahead.

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John Tie is working as a Digital Marketer and content strategist with Virtual Employee, virtual staffing company, offering affordable and scalable remote staffing solutions for mainly Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) around the world in over 150 domains. He is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column.