Arranging for specialist coatings inspections over the course of a painting or coating project ensures the work is carried out to your standards and is done correctly the first time around. A coating or paint inspector is a third party individual who can inspect the preparation for and application of coatings in construction and engineering jobs. Paint Inspections Ltd are experts in coatings inspections consultation. Our service is designed to provide you with unbiased and honest reports on the quality of work being carried out.

The best results are achieved if the paint inspector is brought in at the preparatory stage. Our representatives will assess the surfaces to verify its suitability for the proposed application. The results will be passed on the owner and the contractor as appropriate. Our paint inspector will work against the specifications of the owner and ensure that these firstly can be met and secondly are met. Once the surface has been prepped we’ll revisit before anything is applied to the surface to confirm that work can go ahead.

Coatings inspections will then be carried out periodically through the process as required by the owner. We can make unannounced site visits to check up on the contractor. We’ll constantly assess the standard of work and test that the correct materials are being used. We’ll also report on the success level in achieving the desired effect. Continuous assessment results in a greater level of satisfaction with the end result.

In short you’ll be kept abreast of the quality, progress and success of your painting or coating project. We use state of the art online reporting tools so our clients can access their information at any time. We aim to provide transparent, concise feedback to the owner to keep them well informed and in control. Every one of our paint inspector agents are qualified to a minimum of ICorr/NACE level 2 and are supervised by level 3 inspectors.

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