‘Should I hire a nanny?’ is a question that every parent has asked, or at least thought about, at some point in their parenting lives. Hiring a nanny is, of course, a big decision. It will have a huge impact on the children’s lives so it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

We should first of all consider that every family is different and thus nanny jobs are always different too.There is no ‘fixed’ solution with regards to nannying that is suitable for every family. What might be the right decision in hiring a nanny for one family may be wholly inappropriate for another if the schedule, family set up and duties and responsibilities vary. The cost of childcare is another significant factor for families deciding whether or not to hire a nanny. There is also the emotional guilt that parents, especially first-time parents, may feel when deciding to hire a nanny. However, there can also be a number of significant benefits to bringing a nanny into a family, which we have considered below.

One key benefit is that your children get a lot of time to grow up in their own home. This means no driving or travelling to a childminder’s home or nursery each day. Everything that is required for your children is already in place, including food, toys and educational materials. Staying in their own home also helps your children to develop in a stable routine and ensures that they are comfortable.

It is also worth bearing in mind that nannies hired through a reputable agency will be trained professionals, with childcare qualification or a relevant degree in childcare. Nannies who are trained and experienced can be hugely helpful in terms of their expertise for first-time parents looking after a newborn child for the first time. The opportunity to have an "expert" looking after your child can be a welcome safety blanket and give a family an extra layer of comfort.

If you do wish to hire childcare help, another essential question to consider is whether you should consider a live-in or live-out nanny. A live-in nanny is generally available on a more flexible basis, providing a family with more flexibility.If a parent has additional or unexpected working responsibilities or becomes ill, the children will still be looked after. For the nanny herself, benefits may include free board, food, their room as well as other perks, such as no travelling time to work!

On the other hand, the advantages of hiring a day-time or live-out nanny include the layer separation between the nanny and the family. Many parents prefer to keep the employment of a nanny as a business relationship. This means that both parties get their own space. The day-time nanny also has the advantage of being able to live their own life outside of the family or even the opportunity to work with other families or follow their own interests in their spare time.

If you do decide to hire a nanny, you should always make sure that you interview the nanny properly. Some parents will interview a variety of nannies and trial their childcare abilities with their family. To conduct a thorough interview we suggest browsing online for interview questions for nanny jobs.

It's crucial to remember that the nanny who is hired will play a large part in their charge’s life. Your child needs to feel comfortable and safe with their new nanny. Finally, always remember to carry out the appropriate checks. You should use a reputable company to do a background check or CRB on any childcare staff that you bring into your home.

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