Hiring a nanny means you have to entrust your child to somebody else's care. It would be easy to post an ad, conduct some interviews, ask for referrals and choose the one who comes closest to all of your requirements. However, there are two immediate areas of considerations you have to think about before you hire a nanny.

These are important because you will be opening your home to a total stranger who may or may not bring about a positive contribution to your household. You and your husband may be quite sure of your plan to hire a nanny, but have you considered your child’s own disposition? He or she will be the most affected with the change that is about to happen. For this purpose, have you considered the costs involved?

1. Is your Child Nanny-ready?

To hire a nanny may be the best solution for you, but is it for your child? Keep in mind that kids can be sensitive and are easily confused and scared. They may not understand the reasons why a total stranger will be taking care of them.

Can your child already talk so he or she can give you feedbacks as to what transpired the moment you leave your house? Does your child have special care needs that require competent attention? Does your little one take well to strangers?

Kids and the fact that they still lack maturity can also make or break a nanny’s care giving performance. We should face the fact that even we, as parents, can be put to a test when it comes to child rearing situations involving our child’s undesirable traits.

2. How Much Can You Afford to Pay for Nanny Services?

This is important because this will determine the quality of nanny services you will be getting. The need to hire a nanny stems from a situation that compels you to entrust your child in someone else's care. Therefore the nanny you will be hiring must possess certain qualifications that will make her an ideal influence to your child.

A nanny who has a favorable background, regular educational attainment, impressive work experience and other goals in life will of course command a higher rate. For that matter, can you afford to hire a nanny and go through all the necessary process of screening and background checking, the most ideal nanny candidates you can choose from? You may ask for referrals but they are not guarantees and will not provide the same comprehensive information as a formal background checking will do.

You may be able to hire a nanny that your kid can get attached to, but the nanny herself may be forced to shorten your relationship. She may deem it best to look for other or better sources of income if there is a failure on your part to meet the salary she expects. Keep in mind that this is an employer-employee relationship in which you also have to keep your end of the bargain.

Our children are not mere objects or property we can entrust to just anybody. It is for their best interest that we are sacrificing time away from home; hence, it is important to consider the two areas of considerations mentioned above if we will hire a nanny.

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