Get your guests scratching their head by making them wonder this could have been also possible!

Well, the presence of photo booths has ensured that each of the occasions remains a memorable one. As of now, what has been the trend is to keep everything sassy and classy. Therefore, the hosts are doing all possible things to ensure a warm welcome for their guests. Creating a difference adds to the memories. And believe the experts- Wedding trends have never changed. What has changed is the way how things are being presented to the guests.

Evolution of the Backdrops, Photo booth & Events

Towards the effort of making something exceptional and lovely for the guests, innovative ideas and creativity led to include something different. The party organisers are putting all their efforts to make the things engaging for everyone who comes to the event. Experiments were on with the type, design, and the backdrop as well.

Another key factor that is going to be decisive is how efficiently each of these elements is going to blend. For example: according to the experts, when someone looks out to hire party photobooth, one should always ensure that frame and other elements go perfectly well. Each of the elements need to compliment each other like the frame has to match with the backdrop; the props need to be matching with the event.

Bring the Essence of Wedding with the Velvet Backdrop

A combo of white and blue is always a charming one.

With the passage of each time, the various backdrops have evolved as a velvety memory to ensure memories remain attached with the people for years.

Stylish looking photo booths are always going to incorporate a jewel tone that cannot be compared. According to the organisers, a blue velvet backdrop when paired with an vintage looking ultra violet curtains with a touch of golden accents, lots of greenery and numerous balloons attached.

Oh yes... BALLOONS!!

Balloons are always going to be an indispensable attachment when it comes to decorating a photo booth. With numerous colours and different sizes, the use of balloons paves way towards a beautiful and engaging photo booth. Balloons make the events and when it is event, it can be customised in different ways to make the entire thing engaging. The blue tone mixed with white shades is going to be phenomenal in this case.

According to the experts, the balloons can be arranged in a way that it would be portraying a theme or a special event. Use of the different colours, shape and sizes of balloon is always going to make the photo booth look glorious.

What to Look for during Wedding Photobooth Hire!

It is never going to be an easy task. According to the professionals associated with this industry, wedding photobooth hire in Melbourne is always going to be a challenging one.

It’s not always about what type of photo booth to hire, but it is about the different ways to make it engaging as well. A luxurious and eye-warming, gorgeous looking velvet blue touch is going to make the snaps splendid.


The right kind of photo booth is always going to assist the host to set a perfect platform for a fun-filled party. It will always provide the guests with some of the happening evergreen moments.

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Mr Jack is associated with the photobooth hire industry in Melbourne for several years and has witness the change in the trend of wedding photobooth hire. He has several articles and blogs under his belt.