It is a common thing that with aging, the human body becomes very weak and there are many problems in it. These include many problems related to the hip such as pain in the hip bone, rupture of the hip bone, malfunctioning of the hip bone, etc. It also increases the risk. In such a situation, a better alternative is needed to solve these problems. Hip Replacement Surgery is no less than a boon for those who suffer from hip problems. Whenever doctors advise a person to have a hip operation, the first question that comes to the mind of the person is that what would be the cost for this surgery or operation. Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi depends on some elements of the hospitals like a place, hospital reputation, patient’s medical condition, etc.

In such a situation, hip replacement surgery proves to be a beneficial method, through which the hip joint is replaced by a healthy joint to provide a new life to the person. Hip replacement refers to a surgery in which a damaged hip bone is replaced by an artificial bone (known as a prosthesis).

Although this surgery can be considered true for adults of any age, it is mostly used on people between the ages of 60 and 80.

This modern prosthesis is designed to last for at least 15 years. Because of this, most people feel a decrease and improvement in hip pain while walking.

Types of Hip Replacement surgery

There are mainly 4 types of hip replacement surgery, which are as follows:
Partial Hip Replacement - Partial Hip Replacement refers to surgery in which the hip joints of the hip joint are removed and replaced with a new bowl. This surgery is mainly performed when the hip is hurt and the socket is not replaced.

Total Hip Replacement - The surgery in which the hip joints are replaced with prostheses is known as Total Hip Replacement. This surgery is mainly done in that case the hip bone joint either gets worse or has unbearable pain.

Unilateral Total Hip Replacement - The major objective of performing this surgery is to reduce hip pain and increase walking efficiency.

When a person does not get rest in any other way, the doctor advises him to do Unilateral Total Hip Replacement.

Revision Hip Replacement - Revision Hip Replacement Surgery refers to surgery that is performed to correct a worn hip. This surgery is also done to reduce the possibility of other hip problems like hip infection, hip injury etc. 

When is hip replacement surgery required?

The need for this surgery mainly lies in the condition when the hip bone is damaged or destroyed and it causes pain even when the person is walking or sitting.

Apart from this, hip replacement surgery is also recommended to those who suffer from the following problems.
Rheumatoid arthritis - If a person has a swollen hip, hip replacement surgery is done to correct it. It is known in medical parlance as rheumatoid arthritis, which initially occurs in a small part of the body, but with the passage of time it spreads to other organs such as hands, feet, finger etc.

Traumatic arthritis - This surgery is also done to treat a disease called traumatic arthritis. This disease mainly occurs due to injury and due to this, the hips are damaged.

Osteoarthritis - As explained above, some hip diseases occur with aging.

Osteoarthritis is also one such disease, which occurs only to middle-aged people. Treatment of this disease is possible only through hip replacement.

Unbearable pain in the hip - when a person has unbearable pain in the hip and does not get rest in any other way, then, in that case, the doctor recommends him to undergo hip replacement surgery.

How is Hip Replacement Surgery done?

The entire surgery takes only 1 to 3 hours. Before performing this surgery, the person performs some tests, in which it is ascertained that he is fully prepared for this surgery.

Hip replacement surgery involves many important steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: Giving anesthesia - In the beginning of this surgery, the person is given anesthesia so that he does not feel any pain during this whole process.

Step 2: Making the cut in front of or beside the hip - After giving anesthesia to the person, the doctor makes the cut in front of or beside the hip.

Step 3: Removing the damaged hip bone - After applying the cut in the hip, the doctor removes the bone of the hip which is not able to function properly.

Step 4: Engaging the prosthesis - After removing the damaged hip, the prosthesis is replaced. This prosthesis is mainly made of metal, which reduces hip pain as well as enhances its functionality.

Step 5: Closing the cut- After applying the prosthesis in the hip, the cut placed there is closed.

With this, the process is over and after this the person is taken to the recovery room, where his health is monitored.

What are the benefits of hip replacement surgery?

It is a good thing that most of the people are getting this surgery and filling their lives with happiness. There are some main benefits of getting hip replacement surgery which are as follows-
No pain in walking - By doing hip replacement, it provides relief in the pain which used to happen while walking.

Reducing the risks of heart diseases - This surgery also reduces the chances of heart diseases. Therefore, by doing this, a person's heart also works better.

Staying active for a long time - If a person gets hip replacement surgery done on time, then it becomes physically healthy. Another benefit of having this surgery is that it allows the person to remain active for a long time.

Being able to do normal activities - When the problem of hip increases enough that a person is not able to do normal tasks like walking, sitting etc. In such a situation, hip replacement proves to be very beneficial for that person and because of this, he is able to do these tasks in better ways.

Improving the performance of the hip bones - Since, damaged hip bone is repaired in hip replacement surgery, it thus improves the functionality of the hip bones.

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