Always dreamed about staring your own day care business?
The perfect self employment situation which allows you to
be with your kids whilst bringing in much needed money and
being your own boss. However, you haven't gone beyond
dreaming about it due to a fear of the unknown. The fear
of taking a risk on something you're not even sure you'll
be suited to.

My advice to you is remove the fear. Get a taster of the
childcare business first and see if it is a profession
you would enjoy. Immerse yourself in this environment for
research purposes. Get a job or offer your services at a
day care. Try to find one that will allow you to bring
your children with you or get a kindly family member to
help out while you are researching. Do whatever it takes
get the time off work. Remember, this is your future you
are planning.

Observation and practical application is great for figuring
out what works and what doesn't. Plus there is nothing like
on the ground experience to figure out your suitability for
a particular profession. You can learn so much from an
existing daycare that could save you a lot of time and
effort in the future. They've already made the mistakes
so you don't have to.

Become a sponge in your research phase soaking up every
jot of information. Be sure and take notes whenever you
get a break or immediately after you get home while the
details are still fresh in your mind. Oogle all paperwork,
policies and procedures every chance you get. There'll be
a lot so just try to remember key points for now. Try to
see the bigger picture and how it all fits together to
facilitate the smooth running of the operation.

Ask lots of questions particularly of the senior,
experienced staff and the owner. Observe how they work,
their methods of interaction with children, parents and
other staff. Try to identify different staff roles e.g.
does each room have a keyworker and assistants? How is
the team dynamic and could it be improved? Hone in on
any behavioural problems and notice what is the procedure
for dealing with same. Note what you consider to be
weaknesses and use that knowledge to your advantage as a
lesson in what not to do.

Effective systems, policies and procedures enable a
business to run smoothly and give management and staff
structure and direction. The same applies to day care,
once you remove the fear of the unknown by immersing
yourself in the daily operations of a day care all the
pieces will come together in your head enabling you to
get beyond the fear to a more confident and constructive
place. Throwing yourself in at the deep end, observing all
the nuts and bolts of a day care business will give you an
invaluable insight into your own suitability for this

This is an excellent way to discover if you would thrive
in a child care business and it is very important to figure
this out before you start. You will need to love it because,
like any business, there will be tough times and your
passion is what will carry you through to success. Get

Author's Bio: 

Fiona Lohrenz has been running her own day care for
the past 10 years and is the founder of a childcare
website that offers articles and resources for
child care providers and parents. She has also produced
'Start a ChildCare Business' DVD. Fiona can be reached
at her website here: