While there are some people who are able to identify with something larger than themselves, there are others who are unable to do so. When this is possible for someone, they are likely to feel connected, whereas, if this isn’t possible, they might feel disconnected.

This might be a connection that one experience’s through being part of a certain religion or this might take place through another way. In this case, the approach that they use to feel connected is different but it could be said that the result is the same.

However, if this isn’t possible for someone, it might not matter what options are available, and this could be because they don’t want to experience life differently. There is also the chance that they do want to feel connected, but find it hard to let go.

Letting Go

When someone feels connected to something greater than themselves, they are likely to be able to trust and to let go. This is going to come down to the fact that they won’t see themselves as being separate from life.

Through being part of life as opposed to separate from it, they may believe that they don’t have to do everything by themselves. Life is then not something they have to control; it is something they can work with.

Less Effort

As a result of this, they may feel a sense of support and this may make it easier for them to achieve what they want to achieve. And while they will still need to take action, it might be easier for them to move forward.

They won’t need to know everything and this means they will be able to give their mind a rest. The information they need will not only come through their own efforts; it will also come from another source.


This may cause someone to feel a greater connection to not only their fellow human beings; it might also extend to animals and to the rest of nature, for instance. And while the connection they have to other human beings will be important, it will be counterbalanced by the connection they have to something greater than all that they see and experience on this earth.

If they are by themselves or if a relationship has come to an end, they may find it easier to handle these moments. The connection they have may stop them from feeling that they are alone.


The part of them that sees themselves as separate and as though they are the centre of the universe is then balanced out by the understanding they have that this is not actually true. They are then going to see that they are an important part of the universe; without being more or less important than anyone or anything else.

This outlook may allow them to feel a sense of personal power and a greater ability to handle life’s ups and downs. The people around them may know that they have this connection or it might be something that they keep to themselves.

From The Beginning

When someone has a connection to a higher power, it may be how they have experienced life since as long as they can remember. Having said that, it might be something they have developed in their later years, and this would be a sign that they were cut off.

In order for someone to feel connected to a higher power, they need to have the ability to let go, and this takes a certain level of trust. It is also likely to be important for them to have a fairly healthy relationship with authority figures.


Regardless of how one sees their higher power, they will be letting go and putting their trust into something or someone who has authority. When it is possible for them to do this with a higher power, there is a strong chance they have had other experiences where their trust has been rewarded.

These other experiences would have taught them that it is safe enough for them to let go and that they won’t be harmed through doing so. Therefore, authority is not necessarily something that is out to control them, and this means they don’t need to defend themselves against it.

Early Experiences

From the moment someone is born, they are surrounded by authority figures, and the main ones are usually their caregivers. How their caregivers exercised their power can have big impact on the outlook one has of people in authority.

If their caregivers used their power in ways that allowed them to be themselves as opposed to being controlled or abused, it will be easier for them to trust and to let go. But if their caregivers used their power in the wrong way, it can set them up to rebel against authority.

Higher Power

The early relationship they had with their caregivers can then end up being projected onto a higher power, and this means it won’t be possible for them to embrace something greater than themselves. If they were to do so, it would trigger all the pain that they experienced during the beginning of their life.


The associations that were created will need to be questioned and this will allow them to see why they are disconnected from a higher power. This may involve changing beliefs and mourning unmet childhood needs.

While one may be able to undertake this process by themselves, they may need external assistance.

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