For many, the cost of traveling the world or even the whole country is prohibitive to implement. BonVoyage1000 formed by different men whose common goal is to offer significant savings in others seek to make the individual and the purpose of family holidays.

To this end, BonVoyage1000 members can book hotels, apartments and resorts directly to his traveling companion of the company. Partners combines the features and buy wholesale travel packages. These savings are then transferred to a member in the form of big raises. BonVoyage1000 realized that membership is to be a reasonable price, BonVoyage1000 requires only one-time $350 lifetime membership for a monthly or yearly None applicable.

BonVoyage1000 members who share the profit of the company with others will be rewarded. Members can earn $1,000 in cash to the commission by performing the following procedure. First of all, the members have returned to the company two new sales in order to obtain the Commission. So these two people is also recommended to the company a total of six sales. Then, whenever a member meets the six seats in a 2x2 matrix, earning $ 1 000. Each array can be done in several ways, including direct sales and indirect sales to members by other members.

Members are not limited to the number of arrays, you might encounter. BonVoyage1000 satisfied members, who want to make a matrix of every month, every week, or even on a daily basis. Members can make a real BonVoyage1000 marketing work, to earn a substantial income without any upper limit.

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