A high protein, low fat diet can be healthy for many people helping them to lose weight and feeling better over all. The problem is the moment most people hear the term high protein diet they automatically assume that the person is talking about one of those fad diets in which the person is required to eat vast amounts of meats and cheeses while carbohydrates are kept to a minimum and fruits and vegetables are almost completely ignored. However, such is not the case in a high protein low fat diet. Not only are carbohydrates essential to many of these diets but, much of the proteins in these diets are derived from fruits and vegetables and not meat.

High Protein Low Fat Diets Can Be Healthy

High protein low fat diets can be healthy. While these diets are not for everyone they are used for people who lack the necessary protein in their diets to maintain good health. Protein is necessary for the body, without it our muscles and even some of our organs cannot function properly. In addition eating enough protein can help you lose weight because protein keeps those hunger pangs at bay. The key is eating protein in the right forms to balance your diet and get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

No Need For High Fat Meats

There really is no need for high fat red meats on a high protein diet. Lean chicken and fish combined with a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables can give your body all the protein it needs while keeping the amount of fat you consume at extremely low levels. There are a variety of vegetables and fruits that give you protein such as beans, grains, nuts, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, bananas, blackberries, apples, apricots, cherries and grapefruit. All these vegetables and fruits contain necessary vitamins and minerals as well as protein so they are really an excellent all around dietary choice. Even vegans can increase their protein intake by eating these foods.

Carbohydrates Easy To Include

Carbohydrates don't have to be excluded on a high protein low fat diet, in fact it is easy to include them. What could be more appetizing than serving fish on a bed of spinach laced rice? Not only is this a filling dish but it incorporates carbohydrates and lots of protein and when served with fruit and a glass of milk is incredibly good for you as well.

While this type of diet may take a little getting used to, it is actually a good all round healthy diet for most people which often results in adding vitamin, minerals and necessary proteins to the diet while cutting down on calories and feeling more satisfied eating less. However, keep in mind that you don't want to eat an overwhelming amount of protein and that the protein you do eat should come from a variety of sources not just meats and cheeses.

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