AFC Championship game was quite shocking last year as the world famous Indianapolis Colts just smashed the game. No doubt they are fortunate enough to have this opportunity this year to break the spell in just two rounds earlier.

But really it’s not that easy to counter the outstanding New York Jets, as the team is not in a sound condition to beat the New York Jets easily. Latest American football news is massively spreading the same message.
On the other hand the Jets are not so powerful to beat the Colts which make a very interesting competition after all. Moreover the squad is not capable of showing its interesting defensive moves. The worse scenario is the injury of Darrelle Revis. Contrary to this Mark Sanchez is quite weak to throw ball in countable yards. Similarly, Colts is also facing the troubles made by its coaching staff. What else we can expect?
At this confusing situation the deliberate remarks of Rex Ryan are quite helpful in assessing the prevailing situation. According to him his team is quite capable of showing some skillful techniques. No doubt, last year’s defeat will benefit a lot in making good decisions and learning new ways of improving their game.
He stressed that his team is ready to win the game at the famous Indianapolis ground and winning is their destiny. The team has waited for this moment for a whole year. Definitely for those who are into American football betting.
Wayne also focused that he is fully prepared to face the team on the coming Saturday and will beat the opponent on a very massive scale. Similarly, he feels that it’s personal now, and winning or losing the game will definitely leaves a deep impact on his professional career as well.
The situation is quite clear as it really kills you if you are unable to fight for the playoffs and when you lose. His emotions are the exact representative of what he is feeling right now. But he is optimistic about his team, as he is mentally prepared to shock the fans out there. But more or less the defense is comparatively weak then Colts. So rather making a hasty decision, the team should overcome their general weaknesses in the championship.
The recent American football news depicted his state of mind as he is not prepared to have a word against his weaknesses and overexcited to see his team winning the championship against Colts. Let’s see how far the team goes and survive in the gaming arena, as the American football betting is in full motion.

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