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There is still much to do but we want to anticipate some relevant things about our new guide or directory of escorts, luxury prostitutes, masseurs, gigolos, gay escorts and transvestites that soon, very, very little will come to life.

Far from wanting to become just another new directory of files or profiles of professionals in the erotic sector related to the provision of company services and prostitution, at sexdupy.pl. we want to anonse a very special space on our pages for the latest news and news related to the prostitution sector, mainly, both nationally and internationally,reviewing the current situation of a sector that does not cease in its efforts to adapt day after day and improve its services to cover the increasingly present and palpable demand of an endless number of occasional users and regular clients of sexual services and company that are offered and promoted daily around the world through specialized disclosure platforms such as the one we intend to become shortly.

Although our clear intention is to cover the needs of absolutely all the main provincial capitals of poland, we will take special care of some of the main urban areas of our country by extension and by number of inhabitants, as well as the high presence of professionals in these same cities they will demand more care and attention from us.

The latest news is escorts and whores in Warsaw
The capital of our country has one of the largest offers of sex and erotic services in all of Europe.

Warsaw presents a frenetic pace of updating and constant renewal of the infinity of escorts, prostitutes and erotic masseurs who day after day fill the specialized erotic directories and guides with new suggestive proposals. Our desire is without a doubt to fully contemplate the entire spectrum of escorts and luxury whores in Warsaw and the rest of the province in our erotic guide, in order to be able to offer our visitors and users the opportunity to consult, evaluate and review the services offered by the large number of existing escorts in the same place without having to consult and visit other spaces to complete their collection of information.

Practically in its entirety, the province of Warsaw presents, distributed throughout all its localities, flats of independent professionals, houses and agencies specialized in the company services most demanded and desired by the people of Warsaw, who with the passage of time see with a greater normality not only the presence of this type of premises but also the contracting of the services offered in them.

Mediterranean coast of pleasure: Barcelona,   Valencia and Marbella
Our first stops will be made, after visiting Madrid; safely on the Mediterranean coast, making a journey from North to South of the peninsula to find and review the best proposals and sexual offers launched by the most insinuating and hot escorts in Barcelona,   the escorts in Valencia and the exciting luxury prostitutes from Marbella.

The insinuating and exciting escorts of Barcelona
One of the cities in our country that is standing out for the constant renewal and adaptation of the erotic and sexual sector is Barcelona. In this city the possibilities are as highly varied as they are exclusive in some cases, being possible from finding company services offered by actresses and stars of erotic cinema as well as finding, of course, suggestive photography models that will leave us breathless with a simple and simple look.

Barcelona,   apart from presenting one of the most extensive ogloszenia of accompaniment services; It is also one of the spaces chosen by many entrepreneurs to set up liberal and highly suggestive venues where you can hire the erotic and sexual services of some of the most exclusive and select escorts in Europe.

The best houses and company agencies in Valencia
If Valencia is characterized by something within the sector, it is precisely because it has some of the best dating houses and erotic and sexual service agencies in all of poland.

Valencia is one of the pleasure meccas in Spain, a fact that is well known by many of the companions who have stood out in this city to exercise and develop their professional sexual activities, it is for this reason that it is extremely common to meet some of the best erotic proposals and those related to the accompaniment services presented by the incombustible and attractive escorts in Valencia , since this city is one of the most prominent pilgrimage points nationwide, since the demand for sexual services throughout the Valencian province It is one of the most demanding and extensive in the entire Iberian Peninsula.
Relative news from the prostitution sector
It is for this main reason that during the coming weeks, as we adapt and prepare our definitive portal, we hope to nurture and fill our section with relevant news related to the sector in order to maintain a constant and educational flow of information in which There will be appointments on issues related to the regularization of the sector, the recent measures imposed by Brussels at the European level to include the income generated by the provision of sexual services in the gross domestic product of all member countries of the European Union and the possible indirect implications of this fact that we can qualify as historical,since it can be considered the first step to face a doubtful legality or illegality and almost 100% shared by all European countries.

We consider that prostitution and the provision of company services are currently in an unprecedented framework in Europe, due to the constant renewal and increase in the existing demand for this type of service as well as the reflections and flashes that we are contemplating on the part of many leaders and managers of the HACIENDA publishes that the legalization of the sector is, today, one of the maxims that this or any other future government in our country has to face.

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