It is true that the major sections of the people who smoke weed have either turned lethargic or are running out of time to roll a paper for the joint. The weed they smoke is either through a pipe or a bong. Smoking weed or joints has been considered as the supplementary or primary method of consumption.

A study shows that a major part of the damage that has been caused to the lungs has been because of the burning of the weeds and not the paper. The paper that is being used in the smoking has to be perfect both in taste and quality.

It is also true that the use of the different variants of the smoking paper turns the smoking experience accordingly. The taste, effects that it causes on the chest and the throat and the burn rate are some of the significant characteristics that a rolling paper holds. The smoking paper manufacturers make sure that the quality of the paper they supply for the smoking purpose always be of the finest quality.

rolling paper

Chemical Resistant

The traditional rolling papers witnessed rolling of some of the chemicals during the process of production. The chemicals were added either to make the paper finer, lighter, stronger or durable to burn. Sometimes the use of the strong bleaching agents was also used.

The companies that were into the production of the rolling paper preferred production of the thick papers. It was mainly because the thicker paper burnt faster compared to the counterparts. There were coloured smoking papers too that were manufactured after treating the white smoking papers with chemicals.

Choice for Using a Healthier Paper

The best tobacco rolling paper manufacturing companies believe that lesser the paper, lesser would be the harmful effect. As a result of this, they produced thinner rolling paper. A more delicate paper means a less amount of smoke and an enhanced taste and flavour.

This slow-burning has made the hemp and the rice rolling papers to top the choice list of the smokers. These two types of papers are do not make use of the treatment of the harmful chemicals and as such can be considered healthier.

A Smooth Experience in Smoking

None of the smokers would want to have chemicals in their weed. Because of this, the smokers are relying on and inclining towards the use of the non-chemical rolling papers. The rolling papers made out from the rice or hemp has been pretty much in demand amongst the smokers. The companies have understood the need and hence, focussing on the production of the modern-day thinner papers over the traditional thicker papers.


Too much of anything is bad. This stands true with the rolling of the papers too. The smokers need to make sure they roll out what is necessary as this will ensure to experience the flavour of the weed or the cannabis in a pretty untarnished and pure manner.

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The author is associated with one of the best smoking paper manufacturers in India and knows what a best tobacco rolling papers can give to a smoker.