HGV Driver Training – A Lucrative Training Option
There has been a huge shortage of qualified HGV (Heavy Good Vehicles) drivers all over UK. That’s why they can earn lucrative amount of money. In fact, on an average a HGV driver can earn more than £550 per week. Thus, HGV driving can literally change your lifestyle literally. This is the reason why popularity of HGV training is increasing at a very rapid pace. There are many good HGV driving institutes where they also offer free ‘Job Finder’ service to their trainees.

1st Class Training is a premier truck driver training center in UK where the experienced instructors help you to become an expert HGV driver.

Training Course Materials of 1st Class Training
Training Course Materials generally contain:
1. Practical Heavy Good Vehicles driver training
2. HIAB Training
3. Load security training, Roping & Sheeting
4. Driver cpc (Initial as well as Periodic)
5. Paramedic/Horsebox training
6. Training of theory as well as booking

Relevant forms are filled up by the experienced professionals of 1st Class Training for their trainees and all the medical formalities are done on the same day at their premises. It needs special mention that the first time pass rate of the HGV driving trainees at 1st Class Training is very high.

HGV Training – License Categories
1) Category C1
If you want to be a qualified HGV driver of 7.5 ton vehicle then you need to get Category C1 HGV training.

2) Category C (All Rigid Vehicles)
If you want to drive rigid vehicle with small trailer of more than 3500 Kgs then you have to consider HGV driver training of Category C (All Rigid Vehicles)

3) Category C+E (Articulated Vehicles)
If you want to drive a goods vehicle of more than 3500kgs along with a trailer of more than 750kgs, should have passed Category C before appearing for Category C+E (Articulated Vehicles) test.

HGV Truck Driver Training, Scarcity of Drivers and High Income Potential
There is a huge scarcity of good HGV truck drivers in UK and transport companies are waiting eagerly to give you the coveted job after you successfully complete the training from a reputed institute. After recession, businesses have started to gear up again and that’s why there has been an enhanced activity of distribution their product throughout UK and Europe. Distribution of such products in long distances is generally done through Heavy Goods Vehicles or HGV. Thus, there has been an increased demand for HGV truck drivers. This excess demand has led to the increased income for the trained and experienced drivers. Thus, attaining economic stability is not a problem for the HGV drivers.

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