HGT Pty Ltd Seeks Support via Kickstarter to Introduce Shader Portable Shade & Personal Sun Protection Device

HGT Pty Ltd, a manufacturing company with strong presence in over sixty countries around the world, is all set to introduce their new product Shader. The company has chosen crowdfunding to start the production of this compact and portable shade device.

Adelaide, AU July 11, 2017
In Australia, spring, summer and autumn are considered to be the ideal times to get outdoors and enjoy the sun in every possible way. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and premature aging symptoms. Protecting their faces from the harsh sun is important to them as there are few things worse than a badly burnt face and sunscreen isn’t always an option due to certain skin conditions or the wearing of make-up. As a result, when lying in the sun they tend to rely on non-creative and ineffective alternatives such as covering faces with T-shirts, books, towels, and even hands.

HGT Pty Ltd claims that their upcoming product Shader has been designed to protect the faces of the users while they enjoy the sun. As per the requirement of the users, this compact and portable shade device can be adjusted and moved with the sun. Shader is perfectly suited for all types of users, including men, women and children of all ages.

Shader remains flat when it is not in use, and can be opened up to cover the face completely. In addition to sun protection, it also offers privacy and protection from wind and troublesome sand, allowing the user to relax and maybe doze off while soaking up the sun without the discomfort of the blazing sun on their face. The product comes with a quality beach bag for Shader towel and accessories that includes drink holders in the base, corrosion and water resistant solar powered 2 USB port battery pack, USB fan, Velcro straps for use with sunbed, and a removable chill pillow.

HGT Pty Ltd is an Australian based manufacturing company that gained global attention by developing the Fantom doorstop solution which is now available in over sixty countries. They already have a network of distributors around the world and manufacturing companies ready to start producing Shader. The company has just started a Kickstarter campaign for this exciting new line.
To find out more about Shader, please visit http://kck.st/2tlOV0t

More about HGT Pty Ltd can be found at www.fantomstop.com

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Misty Jhones