You know that moment between action and failure? That space where you can actually hear the seconds tick by? Where in that moment you could probably see a hummingbird flapping its wings in slow motion? That’s the realm where HESITATION thrives.

It’s in that moment where your next decision can mean dream reaching success or dream crushing despair.

The key here is to eliminate any hesitation or doubt instantly. The best way to accomplish this is with the 3 second rule; by that you must act immediately on any goal, task, or objective you set for yourself.

- If you have an important call to make, make it right now
- If there is a project you are dreading, do it immediately
- If you find yourself creating excuses and putting other non-priority tasks first (like straightening your desk), then you must push it aside and put your IMPORTANT project before all else
- When fear arises, do it anyway

Hesitation can trick you. It can make you doubt yourself and your abilities. Hesitation can start you on the journey of comparing yourself to others. Hesitation can bring out your worst fears.

But remember this: non-action gets you nowhere. It never has and never will. The difference between people who are incredibly successful and people who continue to struggle is that successful people don’t hesitate when they have fear, they are willing to make lots of mistakes, (and here is the big difference) – they continue to push forward when others have given up long ago.

The next thing you MUST do is to become someone who is PERSISTENT. You need to write down and create a game plan of every step and action you need to take to reach your goal. This will help you to squash any thoughts of hesitation. Having a game plan is crucial to your success.

In no time you will be a driven, goal reaching machine.

Hesitation is a conversation in your mind between your good self – who wants you to be the KING of the world, and your bad self – who wants you to stay at home with him and watch Oprah all day and eat Cheetos.

Next time you begin to hear that conversation, jump up and go after your dream with everything you’ve got. You’ll surprise yourself by how quickly you master success and make hesitation something that died along with the dinosaur.

Author's Bio: 

Craig Copeland is an author and a speaker for several years and has recently begun speaking at seminars through his company the Reach Now Institute based on his new book "Finish What You Start": Unlocking The Success Secrets of the Top 1%.